The People to Convince

I’m reading Justice on Trial, a new book about the Kavanaugh hearings, and it’s fascinating. Turns out all those additional allegations (grabbing a woman aggressively and pushing her against a wall, the boat incident, etc) were released – not made, released – by Republicans. They did it on purpose, to make Blasey Ford sound moronic. It was a manipulation strategy. And please don’t say you already knew it because you didn’t. Unless you have interviewed people in Grassley’s office and they confessed this to you.

Another interesting thing is that the questioning of Blasey Ford by the Arizona prosecutor during the hearing sounded so weird because Republicans were performing for the audience of two: senators Flake and Murkowski. Republicans didn’t give a toss what you thought, what Twitter thought, or what the CNN reporters thought. They concentrated on the only two people who were actually in a position to give them the confirmation. And remember what happened?

They won.

This is a great lesson for us. Democrats keep trying to convince a bunch of utterly irrelevant folks who are already fanatically on their side. When was the last time they tried to appeal to the unconvinced, the vacillating, the unwilling? Never. It’s always, “if you aren’t 100% with us all the time, screw you, you bigoted evildoer.”

And that’s not how you win.

Real Suffering

Do you know how many pills of oxycodone and hydrocodone were sold in the US between 2006 and 2012?

76 billion. Yes, billion.

Do you know how many people died in this time period of opioid overdose?


Do you know how many times the opiod epidemic was mentioned at the first Dem debate?


Specific areas were flooded with pills more than others:

The distribution was concentrated in certain places, finding that West Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Nevada had the top pill-per-person-per-year rates of all states, ranging from 66.5 to 54.7. West Virginia, which had the highest distribution rate, also had the highest opioid death rate during this period. But certain rural areas were also hard hit, with Norton, Virginia, receiving 306 pills per person per year and Mingo County, West Virginia, receiving 203.

In Mingo County, Trump got 86% of the vote. In Norton, he got 70%. People are so desperate they’d vote for a pink zebra with blue stripes. But nobody is noticing. Dem candidates are catering to excitable Twitteroids in the higher income brackets while everybody else can go screw themselves. And we are not holding them accountable because we are all super fine. We don’t care about all those counties that are dying out because they are all racists and it serves them right anyway.

The information about opioids is from here.

Toddler Books

The conference was going great until a talker who doesn’t have small children declared that toddlers today don’t want books about princesses and instead want to read about transgender astronauts.

In response, I quoted a Basque writer who says she and her colleagues avoid calling themselves feminists because the concept has been completely perverted by American academics.


Every building here in Valencia is infernally hot. We are three Canadian ladies, so we made our room temperature at the hotel glacial. But the conference building is a sauna. Conference organizers included abanicos in our goody bags because speakers will conk out without ventilation. Even male attendees gave up and started using the abanicos. What do you even call them in English?

For the first time ever I hope I get no questions after my talk because my brain melted to a soup consistency.