Sandwich Hack

In Teruel, when people make sandwiches (and everybody is really into sandwiches here, it seems), instead of butter they use the inner part of a tomato (mashed abs without skin). It does the job of softening the bread without adding the heaviness that the local climate can’t support.

Of course, you need real tomatoes and not the plastic ones we get in North America.

12 thoughts on “Sandwich Hack”

      1. “we didn’t have time”
        Was it clogged with tourists? That would be a pity, the statues are extremely beautiful and impressive in person. I saw them on my first trip to Span (mumble-mumble) years ago but they’re best appreciated without that many people around which is probably hard to pull off now…


  1. You didn’t have pa amb tomàquet in Valencia? It’s all over eastern Spain. Here, the Creole tomatoes are ripe and we’ve been making it with ciabatta, it’s hard to get bread like what you can in Spain


      1. Oh, you can find decent bread, although you have to look. But I haven’t found bread resembling Spanish bread, which is my favorite outside Danish rye.


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