Surveillance Capitalism in Action

WashPo reports on the Philly police officers who are about to be fired for derogatory FB posts:

The department will also purchase or develop software that will allow officials to “data mine” officers’ social media accounts and flag hateful or harmful posts.

Of course, nobody is seeing anything disturbing in this because the paper, owned by a guy who’s making billions surveiling idiots like us, used words “racism” and “violent posts” so many times before slipping in this little tidbit that our brains got completely disconnected.

Now cue the particularly zombified among us deliver earnest repudiations of racists in response to this post. Because if you are not a racist, you have no reason to fear surveillance capitalism. It’s only there to protect you! From racists! What’s not to like?

More San Sebastián

There hasn’t been a single ray of sunshine in San Sebastián today. The sky is completely gray. The water in the bay is cold. It’s paradise.

They sell really interesting, unusual clothes here. One problem is that people here seem unfamiliar with the concept of clothing sizes. You can find any information about an item of clothing except for its size. But that doesn’t matter because everything fits anyway. I know it sounds weird but somehow if you guess the size visually, it all ends up fitting.

The city is extremely beautiful. I liked Valencia but it’s nothing compared to this. (Sorry, Valencia.) This place is majestic.