Surveillance Capitalism in Action

WashPo reports on the Philly police officers who are about to be fired for derogatory FB posts:

The department will also purchase or develop software that will allow officials to “data mine” officers’ social media accounts and flag hateful or harmful posts.

Of course, nobody is seeing anything disturbing in this because the paper, owned by a guy who’s making billions surveiling idiots like us, used words “racism” and “violent posts” so many times before slipping in this little tidbit that our brains got completely disconnected.

Now cue the particularly zombified among us deliver earnest repudiations of racists in response to this post. Because if you are not a racist, you have no reason to fear surveillance capitalism. It’s only there to protect you! From racists! What’s not to like?

8 thoughts on “Surveillance Capitalism in Action”

  1. It’ll be impossible to generate outrage on the left about this because people on the left hate cops. Hell, I hate cops, although it doesn’t make me hate this any less.


    1. \ I hate cops

      Have you had bad experience/s with them? Are most of them truly bad and racist? It is a serious question.

      One thing I know for sure: American cops can’t be 1/4 as bad as Russian ones who regularly plant drugs on anyone daring to say a word against Putin’s regime. For instance, bloggers writing about corruption and crimes.

      In Israel, cops have a positive image among Jewish citizens, partly since they sometimes fight against terrorism too.


      1. I can’t say what most cops are like, I haven’t met them all. There’s some good ones and some bad ones. Cops in my area are racist based on what I’ve seen and heard. There’s systemic issues with our policing system, but that’s not something to blame on individual cops. Although one of the problems with our system is that bad cops generally aren’t held accountable for their actions; just off the top of my head there’s multiple cops in my state who’ve gotten away with shooting unarmed men or even boys. The cop who shot a 12 year old boy in Cleveland got off scot-free.

        As far as individual cops go, they are twice as likely to beat their wives (40% rate of domestic abuse, I believe.) There’s other polling that indicates bad things about cops as a group. But that’s not why I don’t like them, I disliked them before learning any of that. Both because I’ve had bad experiences with cops and because it’s just how I was raised. I don’t take that out on individual cops though, I try not to prejudge a person, and I’ve met some cops who are good people.


  2. Everything that anyone posts on social media is instantly in “public domain” territory, and the posters don’t deserve sympathy if/when some busybody ferrets their words (or naked selfies, whatever) out.

    The outrage here is that a police department is wasting taxpayer dollars to “purchase or develop” snooper software that will search the universe looking for thought crimes among its force.

    And no, I don’t hate cops. They’ve always been very respectful to doctors.


    1. Tomorrow it will be your voting record, your political donations, the books you bought and the quotes in them you highlighted. Saying “this won’t touch me because I don’t post on Facebook” is myopic.

      There is no separation between the public and the private any more. This is precisely what we are discussing.


      1. ” There is no separation between the public and the private any more. This is precisely what we are discussing.”

        I fully agree with this statement — that’s the point I was making: If you post on social media, or on websites like yours, or for that matter have any material on any subject published, you have totally exposed yourself to whatever consequences may result.

        Therefore, if you choose to post/publish anything at all, you should do so with a realistic understanding of what the blowback may be, and be prepared to deal with it.

        Fair or not, this is simply the way the world works today.


        1. And if you haven’t published a word on any platform and have no social media accounts, nothing changes. You can still be exposed, hounded and persecuted in exactly the same way. Nobody cares about your choices. Liking an ideologically unsound tweet is the same as underlining an ideologically unsound quote or donating to an ideologically suspect candidate. Or shopping at a store that doesn’t support BDS. And so on.


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