Here Is Better

It’s at most 73°F here. And in Montreal it gets all the way to 110°F.

The Basque Country wins. And not only in terms of the climate. Take clothing. Montreal has a lot of interesting, quirky clothing. But good luck finding anything over size 8. Maybe there’s a stray 10 somewhere but salespeople laugh in your face when you ask for it. My sister recently got mocked by a pissy salesperson for asking about one-size clothing. And here everything is talla única, and nobody gets cranky about it.

Coffee is obviously better here than in Montreal. Orange juice and bread are in another category. People are similar but it’s easier to be around the Basques.

I’m comparing the Basque Country to Montreal because that’s the most European place in North America that I know.

4 thoughts on “Here Is Better”

  1. I agree with everything but the coffee, which, at least if drank solo, is not good in Spain. Keep enjoying beautiful Donostia!


      1. “Café con leche, though, Dios mío”

        The first coffee I ever liked was in Spain, the breakfast coffee that’s half milk… before that it was something I might have if I had to stay up all night or something but not drunk with or for any kind of pleasure…
        And horchata…. have you had the fresh kind? Heaven…


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