Let’s Stare Impotently

This is extremely disturbing:

As two-thirds of the United States grapples with dangerously high temperatures this weekend, climatologists are now sounding the alarm over another blast of warm weather further to the north.

On Tuesday, an Arctic heatwave hit the settlement of Alert, Canada causing temperatures to reach 70 degrees (21 degrees Celsius) for the very first time.

The news has shocked even the most hardened environmental experts, with Alert located less than 500 miles from North Pole.

It’s really funny how so many people – both in the denialist camp and among the anti-denialists – hide from this kind of news behind some glib slogan that gives them mental comfort and makes them feel protected by the superior power of their intellect that, they are convinced, really understands things.

I don’t have such superpowers, so I’ll just stare impotently at the quote.

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