The Link of the Day

… is Brendan O’Neill’s hilarious piece on Canada’s insane trans-waxing controversy.

Hey, I promoted this link and you accessed my blog. How about we all get fired for bigotry and Nazism?

2 thoughts on “The Link of the Day”

  1. This linked article is amusing and well documents the absurdity of its subject matter, but it affects a very small number of people.

    Much more important is the equally nutty news from California: ALL new houses in that state MUST have solar panels, and MUST NOT use natural gas as a heating source for hot water, cooking, laundry, or warming the house during chilly winter nights. The electricity-generating solar panels won’ t provide nearly enough energy to off-set the absence. of natural gas. So California will have to IMPORT electrical power from nearby states like Arizona. Of course, this imported electricity will be much more expensive for each household than natural gas would have been, and most of that electricity will be generated by evil COAL-BURNING plants than dump tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. But all that coal-generated CO2 is occurring out-0f-state, so California’s conscience is clear.


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