Santa Klara uhartea

OK, so the most beautiful place in the world? The one I can’t stop staring at? The one that gives me feelings of extreme peacefulness?

It’s called Santa Klara uhartea.

I had absolutely no idea.

Clara with a c is very common, so it wouldn’t be an interesting coincidence. But Basques write it with a K.

That’s so cool.

Book Notes: Olinka by Antonio Ortuño

There is a lot of sexism in promotional book blurbs. Olinka is described as a revenge thriller set in the midst of gentrification projects in Guadalajara. But that’s all crap. The novel is a family drama that could be used to write a script for a telenovela. But since the author is male, the idiot who wrote the blurb had to try to massage the novel into the thriller genre. Which it definitely isn’t.

Olinka is a great family drama, unhurried, gossipy, detailed, and enjoyable to read.

Ukrainian Election

As a result of Ukraine’s parliamentary elections, a comedian will have to negotiate with a pop singer to get a majority in the parliament.

Obviously, the comic and and pop star are puppets for extremely corrupt and vicious oligarchs. But voters are do intensely dim-witted that they take these figureheads seriously.

People get exactly the kind of government they desire and deserve, so whatever.