We tried local oysters yesterday, and they are. . . real oysters. They taste like a gulp of sea water.

Do you know how in the US there is this crazy habit to bake oysters under a mountain of cheese and weird sauces? That’s because they are completely tasteless and it’s an effort to make them taste like something. Cheese, usually. Brr, what a horror.

Here, oysters are served unmessed with. And it’s exactly how they should be.

10 thoughts on “Oysters”

  1. ” real oysters. They taste like a gulp of sea water”

    for most folks that’s not an endorsement…. I can have a raw oyster or two but prefer them with some fresh lemon juice to contrast/complement the sea flavor.


  2. Are you talking about Gulf of Mexico oysters? You want cold water oysters, from the ocean not the Gulf.

    I don’t know how much time you have but there are these langostinos in Santander. Spain is so great.


  3. This post sent me to a google black hole of reading up on American baked oyster recipes, and they’re truly disturbing. Not that they’d taste bad, mind. You can probably make cardboard edible if you bake it with three cheeses and garlic butter. But why would you even do that to an expensive and subtly-flavoured ingredient, I can’t understand. It’s like eating oysters without having to taste oysters, and I don’t see the point, you can get a bucketful of mussels for the price of a half-dozen oysters if that’s more on your taste so why would you.


    1. I’m guessing good oysters, like a lot of good seafood is rarer than people claim? I’d be a little wary of the Gulf Coast seafood right now with all of the recent red tide blooms.

      We’re already subsidizing the dairy industry quite a bit so mountains of cheese and dairy end up in everything. And contrary to a lot of recipes, there is a such a thing as too much cheese and too much butter.


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