The cab driver here in Madrid was absolutely sure I’m a Galician who lives in Italy. Took me forever to explain that I’ve never been either to Galicia or Italy.

2 thoughts on “Accents

  1. I guess the Italian comes from your early learning of Argentine Spanish… but Galicia? I saw the series ‘O sabor das margaridas’ and was surprised at how much like Spanish Galician sounded… I know a native speaker who considers the language Portuguese but it sounded much more Spanish to me…
    Maybe he thought you were gloomy? A former students working in Spain told me they had a Galician colleague who would only ever speak to deliver bad news…


    1. I might have been a tad gloomy because I developed a headache, which never happens to me. I got some pills for it but on the way back from the pharmacy, I came across a bookstore, and the pain was cured on its own. So I’m no longer Galician.


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