I have realized I’m not made for extreme luxury. We used points to stay at a very chic hotel in San Sebastián, and it was daunting. Everybody was so subservient, we couldn’t stand it. Bowing, smiling, greeting, anticipating every need, brrrr. You try to engage in normal human banter with the hotel workers but they are too scared to react. It’s like you are surrounded by tense, scared people with forced smiles all the time.

It’s not my thing.

3 thoughts on “Anti-luxury”

  1. Did they also offer to tie your shoes for you? Or try to spoon-feed you like you’re an infant?
    This is the result of being too paranoid of “offending others” and the potential “prison guard mentality” reaction some have if you as much as “look at them wrong”, in addition to the same responses from those in authority acting as their “agents” in their “guardians of morality” mode.

    So, you’re not comfortable being “treated like royalty” or “like a celebrity”. Too used to being responsible for your own self.
    Good for you!


  2. I hear you! When I ate at some restaurants overseas years ago, I literally had to fight the waiters off to keep them from running up to the table and trying to take my plate away every time I paused during the meal and set my fork down. And they kept doing that repeatedly after I politely told them to knock it off!

    Very annoying!

    Be glad you’re not royalty. Prince Charles has servants who put toothpaste on his toothbrush for him everyday.


    1. One would think having servants doing even the most basic elementary task for them (like tying your shoes for you, or picking up anything you drop, or opening the door for you each time you leave or come in—or even each time you enter another room) might actually have somewhat of a detrimental effect on one’s self-esteem and sense of worth, as you are constantly being treated like an infant or invalid.


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