Spanish Movies

I watched 3 Spanish movies (Taxi Gibraltar, Todos lo saben, and Perfectos desconocidos) on the flight. As you all know, I hate movies but I was so desperate to keep hearing people speak Spanish that I was ready to go to extremes and watched more movies I see in two years.

These were ok movies, actually. Taxi Gibraltar was a bit of a dud. But Perfectos desconocidos turned out to be very Soviet-style (a high compliment for me), if a bit too rowdy. A Soviet version would be a lot more low-key but with a thousand times better acting. Here, actors scream and thrash about to indicate emotions that they can’t act. But the idea is good and the script is the best of all three movies. I actually laughed, which, again, I don’t do at movies.

Todos lo saben could be nice but the director is completely impotent. He takes great actors, really talented ones, and has no idea what to do with them.