Moore on Mueller

A tweet from Michael Moore about the Mueller testimony:

A frail old man, unable to remember things, stumbling, refusing to answer basic questions…I said it in 2017 and Mueller confirmed it today — All you pundits and moderates and lame Dems who told the public to put their faith in the esteemed Robert Mueller — just STFU from now on.

I don’t know where he saw moderates in all this but, goodness, will we finally stop hearing about how Mueller will magically unmake 2016? I can’t listen to the sound of the poor bastard’s name any more.

The Squad

I actually don’t believe that “the Squad” exists. These three politicians seem very different to me. (I have no idea who the fourth lady is, so I don’t have an opinion about her).

Rashida Tlaib is the one I like. I don’t agree with all she says but she’s sincere and not dumb. She’s inexperienced but with time she can be a very good congresswoman. I believe in her and I see potential.

Omar, as I said before, is giving the liberal snowflakes what they want. The hijab-wearing, LGBT-affirming, abortion-supporting, confusedly married-divorced-married-divorced-cohabiting-with-both-husbands devout Muslim act is a total parody. Nobody can take any of this seriously. And they only do because it fulfills all sorts of fantasies. The lady is clearly taking a piss. And seeing the reaction on both sides, she’s doing a great job. Third-worldness will catch up with her and she’ll probably go down for immigration fraud or tax fraud, so let’s forget about her.

Ocasio is one of those people who, in Soviet times, screamed out Komsomol slogans looking completely sincere and you always wondered if they were that cynical or that dumb. They scared me back then and they scare me now.

See? Completely different. People enjoy easily digestible categories but there isn’t one here. Tlaib could be the next Pelosi (in a good way, I mean) twenty years from now. Or somebody in a Dem cabinet. Not now, obviously, but with time. And the other two… yeah, whatever.

Spanish Movies

I watched 3 Spanish movies (Taxi Gibraltar, Todos lo saben, and Perfectos desconocidos) on the flight. As you all know, I hate movies but I was so desperate to keep hearing people speak Spanish that I was ready to go to extremes and watched more movies I see in two years.

These were ok movies, actually. Taxi Gibraltar was a bit of a dud. But Perfectos desconocidos turned out to be very Soviet-style (a high compliment for me), if a bit too rowdy. A Soviet version would be a lot more low-key but with a thousand times better acting. Here, actors scream and thrash about to indicate emotions that they can’t act. But the idea is good and the script is the best of all three movies. I actually laughed, which, again, I don’t do at movies.

Todos lo saben could be nice but the director is completely impotent. He takes great actors, really talented ones, and has no idea what to do with them.


Re: Elizabeth Warren’s pitiful pronoun posturing, I have noticed in my own profession (where such things are rampant) that older colleagues are much more likely to add the terrified “Pronouns: he, she, it” to an email signature. They mostly have no idea what it means but they know it’s something people do to look relevant and up-to-date.


In an airport coffee shop, a lady is keeping a growing line of people waiting as she unhurriedly shares with the cashier her belief that people these days are too selfish.

“What we lack is the capacity to care about the needs of others!” the woman announces.

“It’s €4,15, señora,” the cashier says imploringly. “Please…”

“I went to this lecture the other day,” the woman continues, “and the guy talked precisely about how few people are capable of genuinely caring about other human beings.”

Nobody is bothered by selfishness as much as malignant narcissists. It’s their favorite topic. They perceive as unforgivably self-centered and uncaring anybody who isn’t constantly attentive to their complex and endless needs.

Conversations in Spain

I’m very sociable in Spanish, so I strike up conversations with everybody. And the time always comes when people ask me, in tragic voices with a hint of gloating, “so how are things in the USA?”

I handle this by giving extensive reports on the weather conditions in my region.

“But Trump, but guns, but crime, but aren’t you scared to live in such a dangerous place?” people rattle off.

“Nah, that’s all hype,” I say, “but we did already have a couple of tornado warnings this summer.”


Stupid vile bastard Woody Allen showed up in San Sebastián to film one of his stupid bastard movies yesterday and cordoned off part of my favorite area. People are protesting (with protest signs written in Basque, which is very nice to see) but I’m glad I left for Madrid and didn’t see the ugly troll profanate my favorite place.