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A long but absolutely priceless story about a Harvard law professor who became an easy mark for love scammers. Loneliness is scary.

10 thoughts on “Link of the Day”

  1. How the hell is this guy “lonely” with his family and work situation? He’s just dumb, horny and apparently whatever therapy he had to address his deep childhood issues/possible andropause didn’t work. He’s not on “the spectrum.”


    1. “He’s just dumb, horny and ”
      I think that dumb and horny cover it pretty well… while reading I could usually guess the next step (and I think I could have even without the foreshadowing that the women were scammers).
      I’m closest to having some sympathy for the ex-wife but how weird was that domestic relationship?
      And… the story is certainly not one that proponents of title IX would want to be pointing to….


      1. He was on antidepressants and impotent as a result. He only had some semblance of intercourse with this woman twice but the relationship lasted for years after that. Plus , did you see the photos? These women are hideous. The trans one never suggested anything sexual, yet he kept hanging around her. This is so not about in viejito verde looking to get laid.


        1. ” These women are hideous”
          I wasn’t going to be that… blunt….. When I said ‘horny’ it wasn’t exactly the right word…. but he was famished for the idea of being a man in a certain kind of relationship (performing masculinity through having women who depended on and admired him). All he got was a pale imitation of that (bare shadows on the wall) but it was still more satisfying than what he was getting from the ex-wife roomie…

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          1. Absolutely. The ex-wife is a total ball-buster. And the guy wanted to feel big and protective. And also edgy and cool. He’s an idiot, yes, but loneliness does a lot of damage.


    1. That’s why I said he obviously has deep psychological issues. Dumb and horny covers initially believing a much younger woman is going to hit on a random older man in a hardware store and then believing you’re some kind of exception to her professed lesbianism. It might even cover not using protection. Everything else is psychological issues because you can’t be this globally stupid and gainfully employed.

      [I don’t understand his living situation with his ex-wife who he lived with and had two more kids, after they divorced? I don’t think either one of them had problems affording housing in Boston.

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      1. The guy’s on anti-depressants. This means he can barely get it up in the best of circumstances. A condom would make that completely impossible.

        I do feel bad for the kids. Both his and the con artist’s. It’s still interesting who fathered the scammer’s child. My bet is on the trans friend.


        1. “It’s still interesting who fathered the scammer’s child. My bet is on the trans friend”

          Yeah, that was my thought too. I have to admit (in a schadenfreude kind of way) that I laughed out loud at the last line “I just really hate the patriarchy”… the funniest part is that some people would buy that….


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