In an airport coffee shop, a lady is keeping a growing line of people waiting as she unhurriedly shares with the cashier her belief that people these days are too selfish.

“What we lack is the capacity to care about the needs of others!” the woman announces.

“It’s €4,15, señora,” the cashier says imploringly. “Please…”

“I went to this lecture the other day,” the woman continues, “and the guy talked precisely about how few people are capable of genuinely caring about other human beings.”

Nobody is bothered by selfishness as much as malignant narcissists. It’s their favorite topic. They perceive as unforgivably self-centered and uncaring anybody who isn’t constantly attentive to their complex and endless needs.

2 thoughts on “Selfish”

  1. But is this one of those Catholic Madrid older matrons? It sounds like it. They are constantly going on like this and I did not realize they still existed. They’re so irritating, yet some have had such a rough time in life.


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