Mixed Signals

I had the brilliant idea to use coffee-infused hand cream before bedtime, and now every time I bring my hands anywhere near my face, my brain interprets the smell of coffee as “Morning!!!” and jolts wide awake.

I’m already very confused by jet lag, so this isn’t helping. By the way, do you know what’s great? Starbucks’ cold nitro brew. I’m really into it. And now I really feel like some because of the stupid hand cream.

I’m leaving for the fourth trip of the summer in a few days. I’ll need a lot of coffee to do everything I need to do in-between.

Fuck Clouds

My university has experienced a cyber attack that wiped out everybody’s information, erased the files people kept on their work computers, and destroyed all the computer systems (library services, health services, everything). It wasn’t an attempt to steal information, we are told, but simply an effort to mess with us.

It turns out that many people keep their work files on their office computers with no physical backup because they believed some cockamamie story our ITS gave them about saving everything in a cloud. Now it turns out there is no cloud and people lost their files. For people in the teaching profession, it’s quite a disaster because our teaching materials are unique and take a lifetime to develop.

I think everybody who doesn’t keep at least one copy of their files is in for trouble. I keep four, all in different places. An external drive doesn’t cost that much and backup is easy. Fuck clouds, I’m not giving over control of my stuff.

Told Ya

And by the way, I wrote weeks ago that Trump wouldn’t oppose Mueller’s testimony because Mueller testifying is Trump’s dream come true.

This is extremely obvious. It has been extremely obvious for a long time. The only place where it’s not extremely obvious is deep in the bubble.

I wonder what the next iteration of the fantasy will be.