Fuck Clouds

My university has experienced a cyber attack that wiped out everybody’s information, erased the files people kept on their work computers, and destroyed all the computer systems (library services, health services, everything). It wasn’t an attempt to steal information, we are told, but simply an effort to mess with us.

It turns out that many people keep their work files on their office computers with no physical backup because they believed some cockamamie story our ITS gave them about saving everything in a cloud. Now it turns out there is no cloud and people lost their files. For people in the teaching profession, it’s quite a disaster because our teaching materials are unique and take a lifetime to develop.

I think everybody who doesn’t keep at least one copy of their files is in for trouble. I keep four, all in different places. An external drive doesn’t cost that much and backup is easy. Fuck clouds, I’m not giving over control of my stuff.

6 thoughts on “Fuck Clouds”

  1. You are absolutely right. What is the breakdown of your four copies? The 3-2-1 rule comes to mind. At least three copies in at least two different media with at least one copy offline.


  2. “I think everybody who doesn’t keep at least one copy of their files is in for trouble. I keep four, all in different places. An external drive doesn’t cost that much and backup is easy. ”

    You’re absolutely right! I have a huge desktop system with 10 terabytes of data and programs spread over four hard drives, and I do a foolproof backup of everything once a week just like clockwork. I have 20 years of important, mostly irreplaceable material on those discs, and losing it would be major trauma.

    Aside from virus attacks, would-be hackers, and ransom-takers, hard drives eventually go bad and it may be impossible to retrieve the data on them, so backups on separate drives are essential.

    Several of my software programs offer free cloud stage as part of their features, but I don’t trust either the security or privacy of the cloud and never use it.

    If anyone is interested, the backup program I recommend is Acronis True Image, which will create error-free backups of 2-terabyte discs in less than 10 minutes, and can restore the entire disc image (including all programs with their custom settings intact) to a newly formatted disc in about an hour.


    1. But do you need four copies in four different locations unless your storage locations or media are VERY insecure? Surely nobody’s luck is bad enough to lose three properly stored copies of anything??


      1. You never want to lose your intellectual property to something as idiotic as a system glitch. The $400+ for the separate hard drives is nothing compared to the potential anguish of losing months or years worth of original work and probably is very cost effective compared to the cost of the resultant nervous breakdown.

        I’m guessing. :-p

        Thankfully, this happened during break so Clarissa doesn’t have to deflect 15 freakouts from students at once on top of everything.


  3. Those in authority always want to own and control us
    …yet everything they do is for either their own benefit or for that of some favored faction or individual. They never seem to do much that benefits us, it seems.


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