Now let’s see if anybody learned any lessons from this.

Why did Mueller have to pretend to be senile in his testimony today? He made himself look like a total boob. There must have been a reason.

8 thoughts on “Lessons”

  1. “Why did Mueller have to pretend to be senile in his testimony today?”

    You couldn’t pay me to watch his testimony but my hot take is: They’re going to use his performance to go for a do over…. that is they’ll say since he’s such a doddering boob they need to start investigating from scratch (probably well into Trump’s second term….)
    I hope that’s not what’s going on but…. they are completely demented enough that it could be true….


  2. “Why did Mueller have to pretend to be senile in his testimony today?”

    My, aren’t you up awfully late on Central European Daylight Saving Time — or got up rather early on a Spanish Thursday morning? (Your posts, unlike your comments, show no time stamps.)

    Anyway, as an old man the same age as Mueller, here’s my take: He wasn’t pretending anything. He wasn’t clinically senile, he was simply unprepared because a) he hadn’t done his homework (by which I mean his “Mueller Report” had actually been written mostly by underlings [as he acknowledged during his testimony], and he hadn’t even bothered to read most of it), and b) he really didn’t want to testify, so he thought he could simply defect most questions with a brisk “It’s in the report!” or “I can’t answer that!” response, and c) he was expecting more deferential treatment because if his many previous testimonies in high ranking-positions.

    That said, he repeatedly needed clarifications for plainly worded questions from both Democrats and Republicans that he hadn’t anticipated, and this may have been a result of inadequate rest before the seven-hour grilling, aggravating an intermittent age-related delayed response time associated with fatigue. (Ageism warning: Some seniors — not all –) show signs of episodic mild cognitive decline in their 70s, or at lest a slowed reaction time to reach the correct conclusion — which is valid reason to be weary of all Presidential candidates above a certain age!


  3. Okay, I HATE to correct obvious one-word typos (like a couple of your readers do with annoying regularity), but the last sentence of my post above should read “valid reason to be wary.”

    Anyhow, it’s 1:31 a.m. in the Arizona desert, well past my bedtime, so I’ll look for any response to my comment tomorrow morning. Goodnight!


  4. I think it’s as simple as Mueller did not want to be there. He said he wouldn’t testify and then he got subpoena-ed so…he kept answering with “It’s in the report”

    It doesn’t really matter if they’re going to do this:


    1. There is a reason why he didn’t want to be there. And there is a reason why he acted like he did when he was forced to testify. Does anybody really believe he doesn’t know what Fusion GPS is? He’s either completely senile or he knows what it is. But he can’t say what it is and it’s pretty obvious why.


      1. “Does anybody really believe he doesn’t know what Fusion GPS is? ”

        Yes, I believe that the confused old man didn’t recall the name during the hearing, because it’s obvious from his statements that he didn’t actually do most of the interviews or write most of the long report bearing his name — and apparently was one of the 350 million Americans who never read it.


  5. I don’t think he looked bad, or “is a bastard,” etc., or that the expectation was that he would “undo 2016.” I thought he looked cautious and conservative, yes, but that’s to be expected generally — and this is someone with a long career of service, a lot of loyalty and a lot of skills, although I am not a big fan of the FBI myself. He had a lot to say and was as reticent as he could be, and there was reason to be cautious. What I found more alarming was the attitude of some of his fellow Republicans, rude.


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