That’s That

Two seconds after I wrote that I like Rashida Tlaib and have hopes for her, she gave a talk about how Israel is “just like” the Nazi Germany and the USSR. So that’s that.

I understand that it’s not her as much as the environment in the party that makes people compete in who can make the most outrageous statement of the day and get on more social media platforms as a result of being as outrageous as possible. But it’s not like anybody is obligated to play this game. It’s always possible to stand out by the work you do and not by how loud and obnoxious you make yourself.

Gabbard vs Google

Representative Tulsi Gabbard, the long-shot presidential candidate from Hawaii, said in a federal lawsuit that Google infringed on her free speech when it briefly suspended her campaign’s advertising account after the first Democratic debate in June. The lawsuit, filed on Thursday in a federal court in Los Angeles, is believed to be the first time a presidential candidate has sued a major technology firm. In a twist that reflects Ms. Gabbard’s unorthodox political views, the claim that her speech was stifled by Google is similar to complaints made over the last year in Republican circles. Few Democrats have raised similar concerns.

Yeah, I wonder why few Democrats share these concerns. What a huge mystery.

Not that Gabbard herself gave a crap about this until she became a target. But hey, everybody who doesn’t like censorship, should go start their own Google, right?