More News from Russia

Almost 3 million hectares of forest in Siberia are burning in a massive wildfire. The Russian authorities refuse to do anything about it because they don’t give a crap about what happens beyond the Ural Mountains.

“The fires don’t represent a threat to our economy,” an official press release says. It’s true because there’s not much of an economy to damage by the fires.

This is an enormous ecological disaster. It’s obviously caused by global warming and it’s contributing to the greenhouse effect, creating a vicious loop, say environmental organizations.

The air quality in all Russian cities to the East of the Urals plummeted. People are choking to death but nobody cares.

Putin’s approval ratings are up in the high seventies.

Nation and Weather

In smaller countries, it’s a lot easier to create a sense of cohesion that is crucial for the imagined community of a nation. I was thinking about it when I watched the evening weather report on the news in Spain. There was a heat wave and everybody was experiencing the heat wave together. The weather guy went over different regions, different cities, even some small towns – and everybody was suffering in the same way. It was a powerful thing.

This isn’t possible here in the US because it’s too big and there is no weather event that everybody perceives in the same way.

Russian Resistance

Russians are out in the streets again, demanding honest elections. The Russian Resistance is even dumber than the American one. For 8 years these darn fools have been demanding honest and fair elections, which is like taking to the streets and getting your face beat while demanding kindness to stray kittens in Nazi Germany.

One of the young dissidents got her throat cut the other day. The rest are getting pummeled within an inch of their lives. Obviously, I’m sorry the woman is dead and other people are getting beat up. But I despise these people more than I despise actual putinoids. Marching around with cute slogans, begging Putin to give them real elections, you gotta be soft in the head.

And don’t ask me what they should do instead. They know very well what to do. They have a neighboring country that knew exactly what to do and did it. And they invaded it.

Different Food

In Europe, I ate like a maniac. There was always a feeling that if I miss this opportunity, I wouldn’t be able to taste these dishes again. So I stuffed my face like there was another Holodomor coming. I definitely ate more than I do at home and obviously didn’t go to my weightlifting class.

And I lost weight. Happens every single time I leave the country. And no, there wasn’t more physical activity in Spain. We were traveling with a kid, so walking, especially in hot weather, was curtailed.