Kindle Books

Are there any Kindle lovers here? How many Kindle books do you have? I mean, altogether and not just the ones that are currently downloaded to your Kindle?

I discovered I have 986. That’s in about 10 years of use.

7 thoughts on “Kindle Books”

  1. I need to get more into Kindle but I’m wary of the interface going “poof” and losing all of my books.
    Microsoft Store retiring its books category
    …f you open a link to the Microsoft Store’s Books category, you’ll find a single phrase in bold text: “No results found.” The tech giant’s online store announced on June 2 that it would be shutting the category down, effectively immediately, but that all its free and commercial ebooks would remain available until July 2019, when they would begin going defunct. Customers will receive full refunds for their now useless ebook purchases. Now, with that deadline arriving next week, Microsoft’s upcoming ebook deletions have sparked an online conversation about the limits of ebook purchases.

    “Reminded that the Microsoft ebook store closes next week. The DRM’d books will stop working. I cannot believe that sentence. ‘The books will stop working.’ I keep saying it and it sounds worse each time,” Rob, cofounder of RPG game company Evil Hat, said in a viral tweet….


  2. I recently bought a Kindle Papwerwhite, and I only have one Kindle Library book on that. On the Kindle app on my phone/computer I have close to four hundred, I think, but it may be more. I’ve had the Kindle for a week or two and the app for a couple of years.

    The Paperwhite’s handy on my two-hour commute (I take the bus — otherwise it’s twenty minutes but so much more expensive), because the battery lasts a lot longer than my phone, and it’s smaller than an actual book so I can carry a smaller bag to work. But I still prefer paper books for everything else.


  3. I got my first kindle in 2010. According to its statistics, I own 1437 books and have read 525 of them. I am a sucker for buying $2 books that are vaguely in an area of interest to me.


  4. I love my kindle but I’m fairly new to it (and also probably a less prolific reader than you.) I have 49 books, though I have more earmarked to download when I have the money (though I also plan on taking advantage of my public library, which is one of the best in the nation.) Not all are kindle books; I’ve figured out how to make Kobo books and free ebooks from Project Gutenberg show up in my Kindle library. I plan on primarily shopping at Kobo from now on to help counteract the Amazon monopoly; it’s a little extra work but worth it to me.


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