It’s funny how every one of Trump’s outrage-provoking antics perfectly coincides with a new development in his open borders policies. It’s gotten so, every time I hear yet another “he’s now really crossed the line, this is totally racist,” I know to look for a new adventure in fluidity that’s slipping by unnoticed while everybody howls in outrage.

Must be a total coincidence because the truth is in what people say and not in what they do, right?


Everybody knows that I’m very doom-and-gloomy on globalization (aka fluid capitalism aka the collapse of the nation-state). But if you are tired of my negativity and want to read somebody who sees these things as really great but who’s also talented and a great writer, I highly recommend Kevin Williamson and his new book The Smallest Minority. The guy is my complete opposite ideologically and I love him because he writes very very well.

A full review of the book is coming after I finally shed my jet lag. I still feel weird and disoriented, as I’m sure everyone noticed from my incapacity to post replies to comments on my own blog. It took three separate efforts to post a link to Siberian Times. It’s bizarre.

Another Report

Another investigative report, this time by Óscar Martínez. It talks about a gang member called The Kid who committed a ridiculous number of murders. The Kid planned his first murder before the age of ten. The Kid’s father was pimping out his 14-year-old daughter, and it annoyed the boy to have to leave the house whenever the john showed up to have sex with the sister. So he tried to kill the john. The guy survived but it was the last time The Kid failed to kill.

At 12, he cut his friend into pieces with a machete. The friend had made a joke that The Kid didn’t enjoy. The rest of the friends stood and stared and then helped The Kid hide the cadaver.

The Kid is special only in the sense that Martínez managed to interview him for many hours and tell his story. Other than that, he’s one of many people with nearly identical stories.

P S. To Previous

What’s really funny is that totalitarian regimes used to have to terrorize people into informing against their friends, relatives and even themselves. But terror is no longer needed. People eagerly inform on everybody around them and especially on themselves in the ridiculous hope if getting noticed online. Nobody is doing this out of malice or fear. It’s all about the need to be noticed, to create a certain image of oneself.

Somebody should have told Stalin and Mao that they wasted their time trying to coerce people into giving up information. There is an easier and cheaper method.

Social Media and Protests

One of the reasons why protests in Russia are failing is that everybody shows up with their stupid smartphones and keeps taking photos like crazy. Because it’s all about posting on social media to get likes.

As a result, the police has photo and video evidence of everybody who was at the protests and will spend the next five years routing out and arresting everybody who was there, including innocent passersby.

It’s gotta be obvious, right? Posting photos of fellow protesters is a horrible idea when you live in a police state. But protesters tend to be young, and for them reality doesn’t exist until they post evidence of it in their stupid social media.

Good News

No, Russians can’t control our voting machines. Neither can they sprout wings and fly or leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Wow, I can’t imagine what kinds of weird fantasies people had during the actual Cold War when it was genuinely hard to find out what was going on behind the Iron Curtain.

I saw a news report about these old, semi-literate babushkas in a village near Tyumen who are convinced that they have no running water because Americans are sabotaging it. And then I turned on the TV and saw the equivalent of these poor babushkas in the US Congress.

A Harmful Model

I’m reading yet another investigative report by Roberto Valencia. It’s about the failure to rehabilitate juvenile delinquents in El Salvador.

It’s proving impossible to help the kids who committed crimes to rejoin productive society because, in the words of the UNICEF representative in El Salvador, “We are looking for immediate solutions to structural problems. What is the real issue here? That we have an economic and social model that promotes the disintegration of families and the weakening of community structures.”

The entire report by Valencia confirms this point in a very poignant way. But forget about it. Let’s instead keep proving how sensitive and caring we are by making sure this model stays in place.