A Harmful Model

I’m reading yet another investigative report by Roberto Valencia. It’s about the failure to rehabilitate juvenile delinquents in El Salvador.

It’s proving impossible to help the kids who committed crimes to rejoin productive society because, in the words of the UNICEF representative in El Salvador, “We are looking for immediate solutions to structural problems. What is the real issue here? That we have an economic and social model that promotes the disintegration of families and the weakening of community structures.”

The entire report by Valencia confirms this point in a very poignant way. But forget about it. Let’s instead keep proving how sensitive and caring we are by making sure this model stays in place.

4 thoughts on “A Harmful Model”

    1. Who cares, though? Who cares what any of us want? We can turn out to vote for whatever in overwhelmed majorities, and we’ll still not get it. Welcome to corporate totalitarianism.


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