It’s funny how every one of Trump’s outrage-provoking antics perfectly coincides with a new development in his open borders policies. It’s gotten so, every time I hear yet another “he’s now really crossed the line, this is totally racist,” I know to look for a new adventure in fluidity that’s slipping by unnoticed while everybody howls in outrage.

Must be a total coincidence because the truth is in what people say and not in what they do, right?

26 thoughts on “Coincidence”

  1. Yes, you’d almost think that Trump is an evil but clever magician who’s learned how to get the audience to look at the hand he’s waving, while he secretly performs his trick with the other hand.


    1. It’s a very basic manipulation strategy that is enormously successful because most people are not capable of seeing beyond words, especially if the words in question are delivered forcefully and provocatively.


  2. He’s doing both. What he says does matter and does get things done other than create distraction and flurry. And then he also does other things. It all matters.


      1. “What’s interesting is who he’s trying to distract”
        Easy! His supporters! A lot them think “if the libs are triggered then he’s doing something right!”

        Say something that will trigger the libs
        Listen to them howl on cue..
        Do what he wants

        I’m wondering if the recent court decision was an attempt to call his bluff…. “Okay Mr. Wall-builder, go right aheeeeeeaaaaad!”


        1. Exactly. The “send her back” episode happened right when he pushed through a huge increase in H1B visas for “Indian programmers.”

          The rodents in Baltimore coincide with the court decision, as you say. Everybody is arguing whether there are rodents in Baltimore and nobody is discussing how there’s no wall being built and favorable court rulings are not going to change that either.


          1. “Everybody is arguing whether there are rodents in Baltimore”

            Not true at all, Clarissa!!

            If you’d watch some news channel besides Fox, you might learn (from CNN’s Anderson Cooper, on at the same as Tucker’s show) that LOTS of apartment buildings in Baltimore have rats running around in the ceiling and scaring the human families to death — but all those apartment buildings are owned by Jared Kushner.


            1. I lived in Baltimore. I LOVE the city but there’s definitely a rodent problem. We lived in a beautiful walkup downtown, and we had a rodent problem. I had to become an expert in traps and poisons, it was ridiculous.

              The building wasn’t owned by Jared Kushner, by the way. The owner was a really nice fellow, and we didn’t blame him for the infestation. He wAs doing all he could. But the problem was city-wide.


          2. nobody is discussing how there’s no wall being built and favorable court rulings are not going to change that either.
            You seem certain of this. I don’t think Congress is going to decrease the budget of the Pentagon in response, regardless of who controls Congress. I don’t know why you’re not dancing a jig in response; you should be happier.

            If he’s smart he’ll stage a big beautiful rally and photo-op around some new construction. Republicans really can’t resist it.

            Plus, if I’m a religious conservative, I’d be enormously happy with Trump right now.

            I appreciate the scare quotes around Indian programmers.


            1. If he’s smart he’ll stage a big beautiful rally and photo-op around some new construction. Republicans really can’t resist it
              By Republicans can’t resist it, I mean Trump can’t resist a show and Republican presidents can’t resist displays. Bush Elder had a <a href+”>parade in DC after the end of Gulf War I and Shrub had “Mission Accomplished” on an aircraft carrier after he thought he won Gulf War II.


            2. I don’t know what else needs to happen to make people see that Trump is even more of an open borders neoliberal than Obama was. The evidence is clear and overwhelming.


              1. Yes, but people are fine with that, even want it, so long as there is a way of denying it and someone else to blame for the ills neoliberalism brings. T and others are also suicidal, totally willing to destroy the earth as habitat for current animals including ourselves, and this is connected to politics or logic of capital or something, I am sure, and it is what I’d like to understand better


          1. He’s definitely pandering to his base and distracting them from things he does that do not benefit their actual lives. But they get something they want, and can be weaponized to shoot the perceived enemy…


    1. He was elected to build the wall, deport illegal immigrants, put a stop to the anchor baby phenomenon, end chain migration and institute e-verify.

      This is what he was elected to do. Which part has he done?

      Clearly none. If anything, he moved in the opposite direction.

      The facile narratives about how the Trump voters are all Nazis are gratifying but dishonest and meaningless. We can self-congratulate for being morally superior to “those racists” forever. But other than the instant gratification of virtuous self-exhaltation, this leads nowhere. It’s like any addiction. In the end, you still sit there, broken, addicted and robbed by those who got you addicted.

      We are all being had. Me, you, the Trump voters, the Capital one customers. And all we get in return are feelings of self-righteousness as we are sicced to tear into each other, entertaining and enriching those who peddle us these addictive narratives.

      It surely is fun to yell “Racists!” “Socialists!” at each other. But it’s fun that’s costing us a lot. I can’t wait for people to get tired of it and say, “wait, who’s been emptying my pockets in the meantime?”


      1. Some voted for him imaginging those things would be feasible, I am sure. But more, it was about general rebellion against “political correctness,” the indignity of having had a black president, the dislike of “government programs” that has been carefully cultivated over several decades now, etc.

        Being concerned about racism isn’t an effort to be morally superior. It’s about slavery – lynching – sharecropping – exploitation – wages less than minimum – discrimination of all sorts, etc. This is politics, it’s not about people’s characters.


      2. Important — from some notes I have found, from a conference in 2013: they were talking about processes of racialization, how they were getting more acute now, and how it had to do with neoliberalization. Their thesis was that you need to increase the one to increase the other. This really needs looking into, it is very interesting


        1. Again, Trump isn’t talking to us, so who cares? Let’s look instead at why people who are addressing us, who know that we are their potential supporters are shrieking “racism!” every 10 seconds.

          The abyss between Kamala (Obama, Biden, Buttigieg, Beto, and so on and on) and Trump is completely imaginary. The narratives are different but the result is always the same.

          It’s easy to get caught up in the game of “racists vs anti-racists,” but it’s all a game designed to dupe us.

          Look at how Obama bombed out half the middle East. Look how he handled the Recession. Look how Clinton’s policies devastated black communities. And white communities. How are they better than Trump? How are they qualitatively different?

          This is why whenever I hear this narrative of how Trump is particularly racist, I can practically feel a hand reaching into my pocket.

          I’ve been fooled enough but no more. Everybody else can play this game but I’m out.


            1. It would be great to see somebody talk about at least one of the issues I care about: surveillance capitalism, globalization, opioid epidemic, automatization, the new totalitarianism of tech companies, homelessness.

              And talk to them as problems, obviously, and not great things.

              If there were somebody who’d talk about all these, that would be a dream come true.

              Right now, nobody talks about anything I find even remotely relevant to my life.

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              1. I am interested in, not all in this order although climate is first and rolling back torture/Patriot Act/post-911 laws are key:
                1/ Climate
                2/ Close Guantánamo and some similar places, CIA torture centers in Poland, supermax prisons in USA, hellish immigrant detention camps; outlaw torture again and repeal Patriot Act, other paranoid post 9-11 institutions
                3/ Cut military-prison industrial complex down to size
                4/ Refund education — stop the charter schools and vouchers, fund universities so tuition can go down, pay teachers more and require more education in field, not in “education” courses
                5/ Raise minimum wage
                6/ The things you mention above
                7/ Get out of bed with the Saudis and stop supporting every single thing Israel does
                8/ Rebuild relations with a few allies
                9/ Start working with Lat Am as though it were Canada/Europe, not like a colony


  3. 10/ Expand/improve on ACA; increase Social Security
    11/ Rebuild US infrastructure, especially bridges; get high-speed trains, stop insane dependence on cars and suburban sprawl … part of the climate and subsidence problem is paving whole counties over, like Harris in TX (where Houston is)
    12/ Overturn citizens united, reduce corporate power in politics, do something about big banks and insurance companies

    But what I was going to say is, you can’t elect a President like this, not in current system, they’ll not get considered, because these measures require a LOT of change and with the resistance there will be, they’re likely to fall on their face. Where you need to elect more people who actually believe in these things is locally, then at state level, and in congress. It’s not just presidents, it’s the whole government …that would be what would support a president with better policies. This whole idea of a president-Daddy, president-God Almighty, king with magic wand, has got to go.

    So step A: get someone instead of T. I know you think there is no difference between him and the others but there is, even if it is not enough. But there can be someone less retro. This would make a difference. You can’t get a radical in — even Sanders, not very far left, is seen as far left, when what he’s proposing was mainstream when I was young, acceptable even to some Republicans. And I think T. is more destructive than you seem to, and I think Clinton would have been better than T. by a long shot despite disagreeing with her on most things.


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