Everybody knows that I’m very doom-and-gloomy on globalization (aka fluid capitalism aka the collapse of the nation-state). But if you are tired of my negativity and want to read somebody who sees these things as really great but who’s also talented and a great writer, I highly recommend Kevin Williamson and his new book The Smallest Minority. The guy is my complete opposite ideologically and I love him because he writes very very well.

A full review of the book is coming after I finally shed my jet lag. I still feel weird and disoriented, as I’m sure everyone noticed from my incapacity to post replies to comments on my own blog. It took three separate efforts to post a link to Siberian Times. It’s bizarre.

2 thoughts on “Pro-globalization”

  1. The Smallest Minority‘s title made me think of the author being an extreme libertarian celebrating the Smallest Minority’s success in the new liquid era, in which the ballast of the majority can be cast aside. Waiting for the review to see whether I guessed correctly. 🙂


    1. He definitely is a libertarian but the smallest minority is a quote from Ayn Rand (who doesn’t deserve such a great quote, Williamson says) and refers to an individual.


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