Social Media and Protests

One of the reasons why protests in Russia are failing is that everybody shows up with their stupid smartphones and keeps taking photos like crazy. Because it’s all about posting on social media to get likes.

As a result, the police has photo and video evidence of everybody who was at the protests and will spend the next five years routing out and arresting everybody who was there, including innocent passersby.

It’s gotta be obvious, right? Posting photos of fellow protesters is a horrible idea when you live in a police state. But protesters tend to be young, and for them reality doesn’t exist until they post evidence of it in their stupid social media.

7 thoughts on “Social Media and Protests”

  1. They may have it anyway, if they are anything like police here. Long before the Internet, smartphones, or social media there were well placed police photographers with very good lenses who would take pictures of crowds and blow them up. So they would have peoples’ faces. And put them on walls inside stations. To recognize and target people later.


      1. \ How about translating the cartoon for those of us who have no idea what the birds are saying? Thanks!

        Gladly. 🙂

        Is this a person?
        Oh, no, it’s a scarecrow.
        How do you know?
        It has no smartphone in its hand.


        1. Thank you!

          I was hoping that this might be a political cartoon insulting some famous politician by comparing him to a scarecrow…

          Is that Jerry Nadler?
          Oh, no, it’s a scarecrow.
          Then why does it resemble Nadler so much?
          Because despite all its attempts to frighten, no one is scared of it.


          1. You know, posting something in Russian and asking Americans to “translate” (guess) the joke could be a popular Internet meme. In addition to providing jokes to laugh at, it would serve as a Rorschach test showing the current state of the nation, of the American mind. 🙂


            1. “posting something in Russian and asking Americans to “translate” (guess) the joke could be a popular Internet meme”
              It doesn’t have to be Russian, here’s one in Polish.. what’s going on? (hint: it’s making fun of a government policy)


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