I can’t even watch the debates because I don’t like feeling so disappointed for two whole hours.

I also don’t enjoy simultaneously feeling afraid these people will lose and worried one of them will win.

Where are the candidates for normal Dem voters who aren’t interested in these clown acts we keep seeing onstage? Elizabeth Warren is making Marianne Whatever sound reasonable. It’s ridiculous, they are all ridiculous.

11 thoughts on “Avoidance”

    1. You missed the funniest comedy special of the year! I was glued to my couch.

      And after the on-stage debate ended, the assembled CNN pundits got into their own heated shouting match about whether Joe Biden had succeeded in salvaging his chances as front-runner, or had give it a good shot but proven that he can’t quite measure up.

      (I personally hope Biden’s down for the count, so one of the loons becomes the Democratic nominee.)


  1. If you want to make it easy on yourself use something like SelectSmart.com or ISideWith.com to pick out who you’d like to vote for in the primary if you are so registered and are so inclined. [Of course they don’t have your particular focus, so…] Half of these people are going to be gone in September anyways and the first primary is in Iowa is in February.

    March 3rd is Super Tuesday.
    Ohio is March 3rd.
    Louisiana is March 7th.
    Illinois and Florida aren’t until March 17th.

    Just because we’ve been election season for… 2 years doesn’t make it go any faster. :/

    Half of these candidates are Senators who actually need to worry about… flipping the Senate. And not losing seats.


      1. I’m not sure what half the people are doing. Obviously they smell weakness and think “why not me?” or they wouldn’t be running. Or they figure it’ll help them fundraise for other stuff. However, in Ryan’s case, there’s no Senate seat up for election or governor’s seat in 2020. He’s got to defend his own seat though.

        Never mind his affect on stage this is his slogan:


          1. It’s a bit odd coming from him because he’s not exactly a soft spoken guy himself. He does yell less than Bernie, who is who he said that line to.

            I’m still angry at him for not running for Ohio governor. If he’d run Mike DeWine wouldn’t be in office right now, but instead he decided to go for that .001% chance of becoming president (I actually think what he’s aiming for is VP.)


    1. On Isidewith I got Warren and Sanders tied for first place, then Harris in third. I don’t think of her as being that liberal. Anyway I’m fine with it, any 2 of these and then put the 3d in the Cabinet or something like that.

      My platform is human & labor & civil rights, the old promise of the US. No torture, no imperialism, health, education and welfare, infrastructure, CLIMATE, civic culture. Bring back public parks, close charter schools. Regain what was gained in 60s and build on that. Stop the arms-prison industrial complex. Etc. I don’t think it’s impossible, with some modifications for current circumstances.


  2. I didn’t watch the last debate because life is short…. but apparently Tulsi Gabbard left a scorched bit of stage where Kamala Harris had been… and is still getting the shadow treatment from the media…
    I saw one summary of her platform as “more roads, less war” which makes her my favorite at his stage (though I’m liking the crazy crystal lady too, just not as….. president)


    1. Gabbard is doing better than most but I’m still with the guy who had the balls to say that “Medicare for all inhabitants of the planet” is an insane idea. When he said that, Bernie Sanders looked apoplectic. Which answers the question of whether I can vote for him. He’s gone over to the dark side, unfortunately.


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