No Compassion

Before we dump all over Williamson for not having any compassion for the terrified masses, we have to remember that it’s easy to feel the pain of these poor sufferers until they Antifa you or MAGA you (although there’s no record of the latter ever happening) out of a job.

Williamson was hounded by a crowd of sensitive creatures who mistakenly decided that their anxiety was caused by something Williamson said. Williamson lost the job but the snowflakes’ anxiety didn’t abate. They went on to hound others because it’s too much to expect that they would realize their method isn’t working and try something else.

It’s all nice and well to feel bad for these folks but they can do a lot of damage because their fear is real and their capacity to understand its causes is non-existent.

39 thoughts on “No Compassion”

    1. That’s exactly how the hounding is always justified: we are in mortal danger, we are about to get slaughtered, fascism is coming, unusual situations call for extreme measures, babies in cages, the planet will die in 12 years. All this means that you should be unemployed because apocalypse is on the horizon.


      1. The hounding to announce your pronouns on your cv? I’d say that’s a distraction, yes.

        But this administration really has made major strides toward dismantling much more of US democracy and also destruction of the land. It’s for real.


    2. They do, because of historical resentments and current hysteria, and they justify it with the idea that the immigrants and Muslims/Sikhs are all so dangerous. It is my understanding that the reason they didn’t let Anne Frank’s family into the US was that they thought her father was a German spy posing as a scared Jew. That they kill is actually an important point.


      1. Or rather, it’s an important weapon to keep us silent while we are stripped of everything we hold dear. Everybody is very much alive but the justification to persecute people is already in place. And who’s going to listen to your complaints about losing your job or being hounded by a Twitter mob when LIVES ARE AT STAKE!

        It was a favorite tactic in the Soviet era. “What do you mean you have plans for the weekend and can’t come to the subbotnik? Are you aware that children in Guatemala are starving? Do you want them to die???”


        1. I still don’t get it. I understand about guilt tripping of course but not about how caring about the climate means not caring if someone is hounded out of their job.


          1. “but not about how caring about the climate means not caring if someone is hounded out of their job”

            I believe it’s the people who do the hounding who make that connection. Of course, they never explicitly connect the dots to explain how getting some random schlub fired for posting an off-color joke on facebook is helping children in detention camps on the border. But in their fevered minds, the 2 are connected somehow.


            1. OH. I see. God, I guess it’s true, but those aren’t the activist types, they don’t do anything but make pious sounds and mob people


          2. “Scores of A-list celebrities arrived in Sicily, Italy this week for the annual “Google Camp” to discuss the threat of climate change while communing with some of the wealthiest tech entrepreneurs in the world to a posh, seaside resort.

            The event is hosted by Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who reportedly intend for the camp to be a “meeting of the minds” between technology giants, powerful business owners, and others who are known to be global thought leaders.

            Many guests, rumored to include former President Barack Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry, Bradley Cooper, Mark Zuckerberg, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are said to be arriving to the multi-day fest and climate discussion via private jets and mega yachts. Others are anticipated to arrive via helicopter from the Italian mainland.”

            I’d rather they didn’t care about the environment quite so much. God, I hate these people. Every single one of them.


  1. 801: I cannot with this introduction or the moderators. Kamala v. Biden boxing match bell.
    And the rest of these intros.
    Yang: I’m the opposite of Trump. More of these candidate intros and words.
    Please stop, CNN, you are not a movie.
    Shut up Jake Tapper. Dana Bash and Don Lemon get to speak. The rules, again.
    Crowd cheers for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris (gray pantsuit), Cory Booker, Yang, Castro, Gabbard (in white), Kirsten Gillibrand (red dress), Jay Inslee, Michael Bennett, Bill DiBlasio,

    Honor guard and Star Spangled Banner by a Flint native and Tony and Grammy winner. Same flags. Bless Dee Dee Bridgewater.

    Commercial break.


    1. Blah blah blah rules. This is just going to be moderators cutting people off all night. Opening statements
      BDi: Hope! Pre-K to every child, got rid of stop and frisk, $15/min wage. Real differences! Goes straight for JB, KH. Tax the hell out of the wealthy. Shouting in gallery.
      MB: I saw a sign outside of a church that said love it or leave it. Parents have hopes for their kids, like my parents had for me. T doesn’t care about the kids. Classrooms not cages (applause). He needs more energy,
      JI: Last best hope for humanity! Climate change has to be our top priority. Talks about jobs through clean energy.
      KG: My grandma was an organizer. My mom was one of 3 women in her law class. Just tell me something is impossible to get it done. I repealed don’t ask don’t tell, healthcare for first responders applause at 9/11 first responders.
      TG: I enlisted after 9/11. Patriotism! DjT not behaving like a patriot
      JC: Alludes Puerto Rico governor resignation. Job opportunities in big city or small town. Don’t want to “go back.”
      AY: Giving 1000/month to all Americans is deeply American. Automation is a threat to your job. Raise your hands if you’ve seen retail stores where you close. I’m an Asian man who likes math (cheers). Says how much Detroit would get (scream)
      CB: Talks about Baltimore (shouting in the gallery) He stops for the chanting. We need to find our common cause, and common purpose.. together.
      KH: Inflection moment. Who are we (when we look in the mirror) We are better than this. It’s not a new fight. My parents were in the Civil Rights Movement. I will march with you! Prosecute the case v 4 years of DT.

      JB: We’re too good. This stage is diverse. Mr President this is America (did not see the video). We love it, we’re not leaving it, and we’re not leaving it to you.
      Dana Bash: Biden says your health care plan sucks Kamala?
      KH: They didn’t read it. I consulted experts and families. 10 years of a transition is better than 4 years. Public plan and private plan under Medicare.
      JB: She’s had several plans. It costs too much you’ll lose your employer insurance.
      KH: Inaccurate. Defends plan. Babies will be born into the plan. Your plan leaves out 10 million Americans.
      JB: Her plan $3 billion. Middle class taxes up! It’ll get rid of employer based insurance.
      KH: The cost of doing nothing – too expensive.
      BB: copays and deductibles! Loving insurance is a myth.
      JB: Obamacare is working. Build on it!


      1. KB: My kid had an allergic reaction as an infant. I didn’t worry about the cost, but others do. Insurance companies are for profit! Republicans want to take your health care away.
        KH: The architect of the ACA plan has endorsed our plan. Your plan is status quo.
        JB: 1000 copay limit in my plan! If they like their insurance, they can keep it.
        CB: Donald Trump is enjoying this debate. My parents were civil rights parents. Healthcare is a human right. We will be spending 1/5 of all dollars on healthcare soon. DJT is the real enemy.
        TG: We have a sick care system.


  2. Tonight’s debate is off to a very entertaining start, thanks mainly to the deliberate baiting questions being asked by the CNN moderators.

    Typical question: “Senator Biden, Mayor de Blasio has said you’re an idiot for supporting the blood-sucking private pharmaceutical companies. How do you respond?”

    I may actually watch it all!


  3. WOW! The first hour has been non-stop insults shouted back and forth!

    I haven’t laughed out loud so much at a television show in ages — this is even more entertaining than bingeing on reruns of Thriller or The Night Stalker on the oldies channel. 🙂 🙂


  4. So the field argued about the details of the healthcare plans they have.
    Also Tulsi Gabbard and Joe Biden went after Kamala Harris HARD for her record as a DA.
    Yang had a moment in which he talked about how automation is putting people out of work.
    When they were talking about immigration, several candidates talked about how they visited border camps and saw (or attempted to see) the conditions. People went after Biden hard on Obama’s immigration policy. I really wish immigration wasn’t primarily about expressing racism/lack thereof because nothing sensible is going to get done.


  5. 9:53 CB: We lost Michigan b/c Republicans + Russians were targeting African Americans and suppressing their vote Lots of cheers from the audience.
    9:54 KH: DJT broke promises to autoworkers and farmers. Trump trade tax. The cost of everything went up.
    Commercial break
    9:59 JC: We need to invest in what will insure American prosperity in the years to come.
    1000 TG: Criticises TPP on grounds it would hurt American autonomy, lack of protections for environment. Would not keep Trump’s tariffs on China in place,not strategic, hurts farmers.
    JB: Renegotiate TPP. We got to renegotiate or they will. Labor and environment on board.
    BB: Trump is trying to sell NAFTA 2.0. Will take away jobs. Do you oppose a new NAFTA? Biden stares.
    JB: Labor will be engaged. BdB laughs.
    MB: Hammers trump tax cuts as why nice things aren’t happening.
    AY: We got to think about women in all situations (in response to a question about fining companies to fix gender gap) touts giving 1,000 to everyone.
    KH: Cites pay gap stats. Post pay stats on company website, fine for disparities of 1% of profits.
    KG: attacks biden for editorial about women working outside home and deterioration. I work outside the home, respond.
    JB: It was a long time ago. I wanted to only fund childcare for people making less than 100k.
    KG: What did you mean when you “”. It was the title of an editorial.
    JB: My wives both worked. I wrote VAWA, cites legislation. You’re running for president.
    JB: My grandma worked, my mother worked.
    KH: Goes after him on his longstanding support Hyde Amendment. What about those rape victims. Why did you change now? What did you actually believe
    JB: I’m pro choice.
    KH: Why did you take so long to change your position on the hyde amendment
    JI: Women are underpaid in female majority professions. I got teachers raises! And nurses!
    CB: I’m not going to tweet foreign policy. Controlled troops withdrawal.
    TG: Talks about when she went to Iraq. My cousin is deployed right now.


    1. TPP again??? Oh, God. This thing just wouldn’t die.

      But the “Trump didn’t fulfill any promises” is a very promising line. They should do more of that. A lot more.


  6. BdB: We have to talk about imminent war with Iran. Moderator tells him to hush.
    KH: I would never direct the DoJ to do what they should. I read the report. 10 clear instances of obstruction of justice. I’ve seen people go to prison for left. Nobody is above the law, including the president.
    CB: I read the report. He’s acting like an authoritarian. We should start impeachment (cheers from audience) Politics be damned.
    JC: I agree. I was the first to call for impeachment. 10 instances. I believe evidence is clear.
    BdB: We have to remember that US wants us to do something for them in their lives. Don’t forget. Wealthy need to pay their taxes as well. Beat him in the election
    MB: Talks about election season timeline. Warns about Mitch McConnell.
    JC: We can walk and chew gum at the same time. It’s not 1998. In Fall 2020, if there is no impeachment, he’ll claim innocence. Better to impeach.
    MB: Makes a joke.
    Commercial break.


      BdB: DJT is a divider, holding the American dream hostage. Tax the wealthy! DJT is the real socialist – for the rich. Plugs web site.
      MB: Put divisive politics of DJT and last 10 years behind us. Begin to govern again for the kids and gkids. Website
      JI: Looming catastrophe but not too late. Survival of humanity is in the hands of next Pres. I alone make this the organizing principle of my presidency. Website.
      KG: I want to help people. I have ability + experience. I took the fight to the backyard, MI, PA, WI. I’ve done it before. Touts election record. Website
      TG: Talks about nuclear alerts + foreign policy. Like the one in Hawaii a couple years ago. There is no shelter. I will end this insanity. Redirect resource to serving needs in this country.
      JC:We’re one nation with one destiny, help me build it. Go to my website. Adios Trump.
      AY: Automation and our future. Talks about debate artifice. Gets a laugh from crowd. The most common jobs may not exist in a decade. Touts freedom dividend. Plugs website. I’ve done math.
      CB: Talks about Detroit and Newark getting better. Hi Mom (born in Detroit)! Talks about origins in Detroit. Talks about decreasing social mobility. It’s DJT but not only DJT. It’s the floor not the ceiling. Focus on each other. Website.
      KH: I took on big banks, for profit colleges, trans national criminal orgs. We have a predator living in WH. They prey on the weak vulnerable and desperate. They are cowards. Prosecute the case against 4 more years. Hammers tax bill, babies in cages, hammers trade policy. Write the next chapter. 3 am agenda. Website.
      JB: We can overcome damage of 4 years, not 8 years of DJT. We got to let people know who we are. Website.


  7. The shouts earlier in the program were about firing Pantaleo, the officer who killed Eric Garner and whom no charges will be brought –ever. DiBlasio got hammered on that.


  8. This was the editorial Gillibrand was talking about:


  9. If there are people who are serious about it, why don’t they have anything to say about things like these? [From way above]

    I don’t know that this event would get on radar as serious work re climate. Do you mean why aren’t the picketing it or something, writing denunciations? Because it’s good to let these people talk, maybe they will sign on to doing something


    1. 141 private jet to attend a climate meeting. It’s clearly bad for the environment. I’d think somebody would have a problem with that. But it’s always climate in the abstract, as a rhetorical device. It’s never the actual, existing environment.


        1. ” it’s a Google networking event”

          I’m assuming it’s an open audition call for the next Epstein… all I can see when I see these people now are (for lack of a better word) demonic evil sex criminals….


  10. Oh, he’s compassionate.

    I differ from most pro-lifers in that I am willing to extend criminal sanctions to women who procure abortions and to those who enable abortions, assuming they are mentally competent adults ordinarily answerable for their actions.

    You know how to pick them.


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