Pace Yourself

I kind of resent the idea that everybody who works (and reads and writes) fast is necessarily a hack. I’d never say anybody who works slowly is a hack. Or anything but a person who works at the pace that suits them best.

Criticize the quality of the product, by all means. But who cares about one’s process of getting there? If I churn out text while hanging upside down on the chandelier while whistling the national anthem of Togo, so what? Is my writing under-researched or poorly written? If not, then why is it a problem how I write it and how long it gets me?

The Moral Crusader

This is a quote from Kevin Williamson’s new book:

“The same people who want to abolish the corporation as a legal person propose to create the corporation as a moral person – and to recruit that moral person into crusades of various design.”

And now remember everything we discussed concerning surveillance capitalism. This moral corporation that people are trying to recruit for their crusades often has the kind of surveillance power that is unprecedented in history. Once you invest it with moral purpose, the damage it can do is limitless.

Nothing Serious

Matt Taibbi, whom I usually like, has caught the bug of wounded narcissism and declared that this is the most important election in the Democratic party history.

It’s, of course, the exact opposite. The office of the presidency – as well as any political office – is growing less and less relevant. That’s precisely why the candidates aren’t taking the election very seriously.

We should all relax and enjoy the show. Except for those of us who are narcissistically wounded and can’t abide the idea that they aren’t bearing the burden of enormous historical responsibility to save the galaxy with their tweets.


“And I can talk to those white women in the suburbs that voted for Trump and explain to them what white privilege actually is, said probably the dumbest Dem candidate.

Do these people even hear themselves? It’s like a parody of an idiot snowflake but they are saying all this crap for real.