Nothing Serious

Matt Taibbi, whom I usually like, has caught the bug of wounded narcissism and declared that this is the most important election in the Democratic party history.

It’s, of course, the exact opposite. The office of the presidency – as well as any political office – is growing less and less relevant. That’s precisely why the candidates aren’t taking the election very seriously.

We should all relax and enjoy the show. Except for those of us who are narcissistically wounded and can’t abide the idea that they aren’t bearing the burden of enormous historical responsibility to save the galaxy with their tweets.

15 thoughts on “Nothing Serious”

    1. I find myself concerned that my hockey team won’t win but that isn’t a sign hockey has much power. People care about all kinds of dumb things.

      Tribalism is real.


      1. When my team loses, I am upset for a few minutes. I recognize that nothing is at stake. Politics should be like that. Either we limit the power of government or we chop the country up into smaller bits so that the other party is one that we don’t really object to.


        1. It is already almost like that and getting more like it every day. I don’t think there’s anything to celebrate in it because I already lived in a society where there was no functioning government, and it wasn’t great.

          So yes, if my team loses this election, I won’t even be upset for a few minutes. I’ll say, “told ya so,” and move on.


          1. I think it is important to consider Tocqueville’ concept of “mediating institutions” that stand between a person and a government such as family, churches or the Boy Scouts. So limiting or even eliminating government does not mean chaos. Can we distinguish between the aftermath of the Soviet Union, a system that went about destroying every mediating institution it could and a healthy society? Now I recognize that a good argument against me is that our mediating institutions are in bad shape and therefore we need the government to step in. My concern is that government action is likely to further weaken our mediating institutions.


            1. The thing is that they have been chipping away at civil society and making sure to grow fundamentalist churches, McDonald’s and Wal*Mart as the mediating institutions.


  1. There is too much power in that office, it’s written in and it’s been increasing.

    I think I might support Williamson, though. Reagan was a Hollywood actor and people loved him, maybe she can do some good.


      1. Ha! No, they don’t! One is about the structure of this government and the way it is used. The other is really what I was thinking in the kitchen, before I read this post. What the heck, I was thinking, it might be that non-serious candidates work better!


        1. By the way, I’m doing the table of contents for our prospectus and your chapter will be first. I’m doing the theoretical introduction, and then we go with your chapter because it will be like a dialogue on the theoretical underpinnings of the whole project. And then we will have people who are analyzing some really cool art, visual artists, performing artists, exile writing. I’m very excited! And I’m so glad you are participating. I’ve known for a long time you have stuff to say on this subject.


    1. See, I don’t agree with you on Williamson. Just because she says a couple of true things that are kind of funny and has some charisma doesn’t mean she would not be a disaster in office.

      As for Taibbi, he can be right that this is the most important election in Democratic party history without being a wounded narcissist. A party that can’t win state or local elections and can’t compete against a ridiculous candidate like Trump is going to become irrelevant nationally. Like the Whigs did.

      At the state level in Florida, Democrats have so little power that any friction in the state houses comes from differing factions of the Republican party.


      1. I think Williamson is completely crazy. None of what she said rang true or funny to me. She just sounds mentally ill.

        As for winning elections, the whole strategy is to make sure there are no elections to be won. Do Democrats need to try to win elections in New York? In California? They are about to turn Texas into a sea of blue, a second California. And then they never have to worry about elections ever again. They’ll also never have to worry on delivering anything to the utterly irrelevant voters but that’s a minor point.


      2. Sounds sort of like Maryland in reverse. Here the real “election day” is the day of the Democratic primary. The general election is practically an afterthought. Although despite the stranglehold the Democrats have on most of the state government, a Republican will still occasionally become Governor.


      3. I’m being arch – I don’t actually intend to vote for her! 😀 And I agree on Tabibi. It’s funny that only a little while ago people were saying the Republicans were over.


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