Absent-minded Professor

So remember how I couldn’t decide whether to do a book or an edited volume?

I ended up doing both at the same time because I’d already started the book and I’m very excited about it but then a really great opportunity for an edited volume presented itself, and I couldn’t say no. The volume is a lot of work because I not only have to write my chapter but do all the revisions and editing on everybody else’s. Plus, dealing with the publishers takes time.

Of course, I’m still doing articles, conference talks, and reviews, too. Otherwise, there would be a gap in the CV and I also keep feeling tempted by all these kick-ass topics.

Plus, I have all of the trips, and I’m letting a homeless family move in for several weeks after my last trip of the summer. And there is “The Saga of the Evil Lobsters” that I have to invent and narrate to Klara for hours on end. And there is my side business. And I was just assigned a course I wasn’t going to teach, so I’ll have to prepare God only knows when.

In short, I’m a little overwhelmed. Yesterday at the splash pad, I opened a can of sunscreen and started to lather it on wondering why it felt lumpy. Turns out what I was lathering on was applesauce, not sunscreen. Klara observed me with confusion.

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