In the meantime, Trump has introduced another round of sanctions against Russia over the poisoning of the Skripals in Salisbury.

Nobody even remembers the Skripals any more but he is still pushing strong on the sanctions. It has been like this since day one of the presidency, and it’s the polar opposite of Obama’s maddening reluctance ever to stand up to Putin.

Sometimes it makes sense to allow the brain to register evidence.

6 thoughts on “Evidence”

  1. I remember the Skripal’s. I mean clearly it was the Russian security services, however the man was a traitor just to be clear (like a real traitor, not a fake one like Snowden). When you have such a handsome crony capitalist as Putin wiping out enemies with radiation poisoning it is hard to forget. He is so strong and he rides a bear though.


  2. He’s sending fire aid to Siberia (after claiming last year that it was California’s fault it had fires, and refusing federal aid)


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