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López is a loser for apologizing but what’s wrong with all these people who are piling on him for saying something completely reasonable and clearly true?

This is so crazy.

9 thoughts on “Link of the Day”

  1. Yeah, I was quite puzzled. Based on what I’ve seen, at least half the people who were angry at him just heard he said something transphobic and didn’t bother looking into details.


    1. It’s like in any totalitarian regime. People are forced to learn to believe and loudly proclaim things that are patently untrue to demonstrate loyalty to the regime. And you can’t fake. It has to be completely sincere.


      1. “you can’t fake. It has to be completely sincere”

        and even that’s not enough… by being sincere you’ve shown yourself to be useless and disposable when the time comes.


  2. One of the top stories on my Yahoo webpage now is the following: “Mario Lopez won’t be fired from ‘Access Hollywood.’ ” WTF?! Once again, it’s frightening to realize that firing someone for something like this was even considered a possibility.


  3. This, and the “language changes” justification for bad grammar.

    I am VERY tired of having people lecture me superciliously about how different dialects, accents and speech registers are OK – that’s not the point, that’s just them proving they are liberal.

    I am really worried people might let, or make their kids get sex change surgery on a whim — and perhaps not even the kid’s own whim, but the parent’s. I also do not understand why so many suburbanites are SO into this right now.

    Also, I am tired of the dogma of saying “living with heart disease” (or whatever) as opposed to having it. Living with it makes it into this huge item, almost a separate being, crowding you out.


  4. What I wonder, more than anything, is why everyone is so obsessed with all this “gender” crap to begin with.
    And where do these people get all the money to afford these elaborate elective operations? Why aren’t all these medical skills going toward more useful procedures and operations?


  5. Wonder whether it’s mainly lies, but think not all:

    Почему молодежь охладела к геям
    Америка, казалось бы, эволюционирует лишь в одном направлении. Влево. Среди прочего, этот процесс включает и все более терпимое отношение к людям нетрадиционной сексуальной ориентации, то есть геям, лесбиянкам, бисексуалам и трансгендерам (половым перевертышам), сокращенно ЛГБТ.

    For instance, this bit is likely true:

    ” Между тем в июне католическая женская школа в Вашингтоне объявила о выходе из местной спортивной ассоциации, которая тоже разрешила подросткам принимать участие в соревнованиях на основе их заявленной половой принадлежности, а не биологического пола. Школа объяснила, что руководствуется при этом не только учением Церкви, но и заботой об успехах и безопасности своих питомиц.

    Последнее прежде всего относится к контактным видам спорта, например борьбе. Что до успехов, то участие в женских соревнованиях мальчиков, которые объявили себя девочками, хорошо иллюстрируется на примере того же Коннектикута. “


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