The Lesson

So it turns out that one of yesterday’s mass shooters is a right-winger and a Trump supporter while another one is a left-winger and a Warren fan.

Wouldn’t it be great if people took this as a lesson that for these murderous m-fuckers politics is simply an excuse? They kill because they are crazy, evil bastards and not because Warren or Trump made them.

But the lesson won’t be learned.

At It Again

Went online, discovered a busy debate over whether Tucker “caused the shootings,” spat at Twitter, and left.

I’d much rather take the inane thoughts and prayers tweeters than this Soviet-style chest-thumping by the self-righteous crowd.

Every time it’s the same thing. “OMG, thank goodness there was a tragedy because I can now feel like the savior of humanity by condemning and posturing on Twitter about some pet issue” is like a psychological defense these stunted individuals use with scary predictability.