I have no idea who this Tom Nichols fellow is (and no particular interest in finding out) but he actually has something valuable to say about mass shooters. Unfortunately, he says it in a tweet storm but it’s still good.

One has to dig through layers and layers of ridiculous posturing to get to somebody who says something not completely dumb on the issue.


What’s strange is that Fort Walton Beach area is so much more tourist-oriented than Fort Myers Beach. In FMB, you can drive and drive down the eternally repaired road, alongside beach rentals, and not find a place to shop or eat out. We’d go to a single sad “Mexican” restaurant (which no actual Mexican would identify as such) because there’s nothing else for miles and miles.

FWB is a lot more touristy. Everything is crazy expensive but the area clearly tries to make a living catering to tourists. There are tons of seafood places with regional seafood. And there are many activities for families.

It’s all the same kind of beach throughout Florida but everything else varies greatly.


It’s a horrible idea to close down 8chan. Those who were going to kill won’t stop because a website has gone down. But those who simply needed to vent now won’t have an outlet. It’s always better to have an outlet.

This whole idea that words (whether they are read online or heard from a politician) are so powerful that they make people murder and that words can transform reality in any way has deep religious roots but people are taking it way too seriously.

The need to respond to tragedy by shutting people up is pathological in itself. But searching for words that “created” violence is simply silly.