Mealtimes Are Gone

A glance at the graphs reveals conspicuous changes, such as the gradual disappearance of consistent weekday mealtimes. In 1961, 80 to 90 per cent of people were eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at regular times; by 2015, this pattern had mostly vanished, with more people eating and snacking throughout the day.

But obesity is on the rise because “it’s genetic.” Obviously.

Explosion in Russia

A military base in Siberia has exploded as a result of the wildfires. There are many more military bases in the region, and they can all start blowing up at any time.

We are all lucky that Russians somehow managed not to blow any of their nukes. Their technology is so primitive and all of the funding for security gets stolen so fast that they are at a huge risk of blowing up.

We keep kidding ourselves with myths about the exceptionally powerful and crafty Russians where the reality is that Russia is a technologically backwards country ruled by a bunch of total idiots. Putin is not a brilliant mastermind. He’s an illiterate idiot.