Is This What You Want?

Is this the healthcare system you want?

The story completely jives with my experience. “Come later, we don’t know what it is, come later, take a Tylenol, hmmm, we don’t know why you are doubled over in pain, do you know why you might be sick? No? Hmm, come back in three months, take a Tylenol, the doctor can’t see you until November, hmm, these are weird symptoms, hmmm, come back in July.”

I lived in that system and I don’t want to any more. You didn’t live in it but you do. What’s wrong with that picture?

The Real Problem with Avocados

Mexican drug cartels hang mutilated bodies of their victims on a bridge in a war for the control of avocado trade.

I don’t think I’ll ever eat another avocado because enriching these evildoers is not worth it. Remember how a while ago everybody was whining that the price of avocados can go up by two cents? It’s funny how nobody wants to notice the real problem with avocados.

Wrong Strategy

To protest Trump, Michael Moore canceled his gym membership.

His gym membership…. It’s not nice to laugh. Plus, I like Michael Moore. But it’s too funny.

If he really wanted to hurt the gym’s brand, he should have totally stayed. Posting daily photos of himself from the gym would result in a massive exodus of members.