Too Much Money

There is way too much money in the world.

We now have two blow out bars in our town of 29,000.

In case you aren’t spoiled enough by easy living to know what a blow out bar is, it’s a place where you can get your hair washed and blow dried. That’s it, they don’t do anything else. I asked the owner.

Can you guess how much it costs?

$45. To wash and dry your hair.

I have a lot of hair. More than most. But $45 to have somebody wash it? Because I can’t be bothered?

There’s at least a $5 tip, too. So it’s a $50 service.

I’ll need some time to get over this.

The Russian Fukushima

In the meanwhile, the nuclear-powered cruise missile Burevestnik that Putin is do proud of exploded in Russia near Severodvinsk. The radiation levels are through the roof. The White Sea has been massively contaminated.

As I said just a few days ago, it’s a miracle these inept, corrupt idiots haven’t blown up half a planet by accident. This is the real Russian threat. These people are careless, dumb, and extremely corrupt.

More Russians

Some particularly dedicated Russophiles are accusing Russia of killing Epstein. (See Joe Scarborough on Twitter, for example). They probably don’t know that nobody in Russia would see the Epstein revelations as scandalous or even understand what the fuss is about. I can’t even imagine human rights activists in Russia understanding what the big deal is.

This knee-jerk “it’s the Russians” is like an illness some people have.

The Real House of Cards

So Epstein “killed himself”??? Oh wow.

Well, it’s not like anybody thought he’d be allowed to testify.

One thinks that shows like House of Cards are an exaggeration or a parody but in real life inconvenient witnesses drop off like flies, too.

Soccer Mom

I have fulfilled the dream of a lifetime and become a soccer mom. The moment Klara evinced some interest in soccer (they have a coach come over to her school to play with the toddlers every week in summer), I signed her up for a league. Now I get messages from the coach telling me to get “shinguards, shorts, cleats or tennis shoes” and bring “a lawnchair” to the game. I have no idea what half of these words mean but I’m really excited.

I don’t think Klara will necessarily develop a lasting interest in the sport. For now, what attracts her to soccer is that the coach sometimes rewards players with those tiny lollipops they call “suckaz!!!” around here. But I want a chance to go around saying, “as a soccer mom, I believe…” and stuff like that at least for a couple of months.

Yes, the shoes are different colors. We are right on trend.

Great in Theory

As predicted, we will have to close our student jobs because Illinois has raised the minimum wage to $15. It sounds great in theory but how are we supposed to pay almost double the wage out of the completely unchanged budget?

It’s really not the issue of $8 or $15. It’s the issue of $8 or $0 while everything students used to do for a wage is palmed off on professors, secretaries and GAs as extra duties done for free.

All of this stuff – $15 minimum wage, free college, healthcare “like in Canada” – it sounds great. But then it happens, and it’s just feel-good crap where nobody thought about the details and made things worse.

Again, I’m absolutely not against a higher minimum wage. I’m against firing all the student workers. I’m against closing down the languages lab because we can’t afford to hire students to work in it. If Governor Pritzker cared about anything but posing for the cameras and getting Facebook likes, he’d think it out, increase the budgets of the state institutions accordingly (from what money I don’t know but that’s a question to ask before passing the measure), do a gradual rollout, maybe. Change it by a dollar a year to let us figure something out gradually, I don’t know. Make a list of exemptions for, say, part-time student jobs.

But none of this excites the base that wants to feel good and important and isn’t interesting in the utterly immaterial lives of the “little people” who will lose their jobs because of this.

It’s the shitty ineffectiveness and the smug loserishness that I hate. This is a big change. Try to think it through, maybe. Make some effort not to spoil it for everybody.

It’s like this is designed to make everybody hate the raise. I know it isn’t because these folks never do anything by design. They just kind of trip into things. It’s so annoying.

Ideas are nothing, folks. Believe me, I’m in the ideas business, I should know. Ideas are a dime a thousand. It’s all about the execution.