Soccer Mom

I have fulfilled the dream of a lifetime and become a soccer mom. The moment Klara evinced some interest in soccer (they have a coach come over to her school to play with the toddlers every week in summer), I signed her up for a league. Now I get messages from the coach telling me to get “shinguards, shorts, cleats or tennis shoes” and bring “a lawnchair” to the game. I have no idea what half of these words mean but I’m really excited.

I don’t think Klara will necessarily develop a lasting interest in the sport. For now, what attracts her to soccer is that the coach sometimes rewards players with those tiny lollipops they call “suckaz!!!” around here. But I want a chance to go around saying, “as a soccer mom, I believe…” and stuff like that at least for a couple of months.

Yes, the shoes are different colors. We are right on trend.

7 thoughts on “Soccer Mom”

  1. Great photo as usual…Did you pose the picture so that the smiley face on the soccer ball would be in exactly the right position?


  2. “I have fulfilled the dream of a lifetime and become a soccer mom”

    How much do you want it? Are you willing to embarrass Klara to this degree when she’s a teen? Or are you just a poser…?


  3. Ya know, I loved soccer when I was little – learning to dribble, kick, and stop the ball. Then one day, they took everyone’s balls away and made us all chase after one – That’s when I ceased seeing the point of soccer. Enjoy it while it lasts! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. “they took everyoneโ€™s balls away and made us all chase after one”

      An anthropological anecdote concerns an American Indian tribal school, an Anglo teacher taught the kids to play basketball and they loved it and would play for hours on end… but the teacher was never able to convince them that they should keep score… (this is just one tribe – others would not necessarily have the same reaction).


      1. In this league, it’s only non-competitive for 2-year-olds. Everybody else competes.

        It will be bloody because they are very competitive at this age. My theory that competitiveness is learned evaporated after I started observing Klara.


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