Too Much Money

There is way too much money in the world.

We now have two blow out bars in our town of 29,000.

In case you aren’t spoiled enough by easy living to know what a blow out bar is, it’s a place where you can get your hair washed and blow dried. That’s it, they don’t do anything else. I asked the owner.

Can you guess how much it costs?

$45. To wash and dry your hair.

I have a lot of hair. More than most. But $45 to have somebody wash it? Because I can’t be bothered?

There’s at least a $5 tip, too. So it’s a $50 service.

I’ll need some time to get over this.

6 thoughts on “Too Much Money”

  1. I wonder if what people are really paying for is the pleasure of physical touch. I enjoy when my hairdresser washes my hair. But it would still never occur to me to pay $50 for it.


    1. When I go to a high end salon, I get my hair cut, washed, dried, and a bit of a scalp and hand massage. If it’s something like a discount chain salon, they upcharge to dry your hair.

      It’s not the washing which is an issue; it’s the styling it so it lays properly. A lot of women’s styles take a lot of product and accessories to achieve the proper look. I’ve got to break out my jumbo hair clips, rollers, flat iron, and round brushes to do it on my own and I need at least an hour.

      Still, I can count the number of occasions I’d shell out that much money for just a blowout on one hand. Any salon will do a blowout; it’s just the same as a women’s haircut. It’s NEVER less. It’s one of those dumb things lady mags like to push like the idea you can find a tailor interested in doing anything more in hemming women’s clothing.


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