Let’s Protest!

I haven’t been to a protest in years because there haven’t been any good ones but I’d go to a protest against the attempts to cover-up the crimes Epstein facilitated. I hate protests that are not actionable and represent a prayer to a vaguely defined deity instead of a concrete demand aimed at specific authorities.

“Greed is bad! Trump is evil! Stop global warming! Sexual harassment is bad!”

Yeah, but what do you want? For everything to be good and nothing be bad?

“I want the boo-boo to go away!”

Demanding an investigation into Epstein’s crimes, all of his accomplices, and his death is concrete and specific, though. Maybe a special investigator should be appointed. Until people go to jail for raping kids together with Epstein, protests should go on.

How about this? Or are we only good for pathetic pussy spectacles and cosplaying hooded ladies from an idiotic TV series?

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