We Won’t Mind

Mike says:

By the way, it was common knowledge in many Twitter feeds and other sites that I visit that Epstein would never make it to trial alive. That was as early as his arrest weeks ago. Why would anyone allow that trial to occur who had any power to stop it? And trust me, all the billionaires Epstein had supplied with trafficked kids had the power to stop it — and they did.

I’m barely even on Twitter but that’s my experience, too. The moment Epstein was arrested, all I saw on Twitter and in my blogroll were tweets saying he’ll be “suicided away.”

Nobody cares how obvious it all is because there won’t be any consequences. People don’t give a toss about Epstein’s victims. They can’t be used to make a point or feel superior. The interest in the story will die down in a couple of weeks.

Some poor low-ranking doofus at the jail will be fired for negligence. The victims will get a few crumbs from Epstein’s estate. No other child rapist will face any consequences. A new procurer of child sex will soon take Epstein’s place and keep serving the same clients.

But we won’t mind because we’ll be happily chasing “white supremacists” or “Russian spies.”

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