The Mural Is Safe!

The San Francisco mural won’t be destroyed after all! The school board caved after the public outcry.

The mural will be covered and will wait until we get over ourselves and stop being so darn sensitive. That will take a major economic downturn or something worse because hardship is the only cure for snowflakery.


I’ve got so much going on, folks, you have no idea. Classes start on Monday, and I’m running around like a scared bunny.

And then birds had to go and make a nest next to the front door. It’s the third nest in the close vicinity of our front door this summer. But this time, I’m actually here when the baby birds hatched. Today I noticed that they sit all day with their beaks wide open waiting for their parents to bring food.

They just sit like this all day.

So now, on top of everything else, I have to worry that mommy bird won’t feed them in time and they’ll die.

I’m seriously worried about the birds, folks.

News of the Day

It’s from the paywalled NYTimes, so I’m not linking:

On Wednesday, the decline left yields on 10-year bonds below those on two-year bonds, in what’s known as an inversion of the yield curve. The yield curve is the bond market’s most reliable indicator of a recession, having preceded every economic decline in the United States of the last 60 years.

Capitalism is always ebb and flow. It goes up, it goes down. We’ve been up for a better part of a decade. Now it’s time to go down.

I cancelled half of my subscriptions and I am not accepting any new goods for the online store.