I’ve got so much going on, folks, you have no idea. Classes start on Monday, and I’m running around like a scared bunny.

And then birds had to go and make a nest next to the front door. It’s the third nest in the close vicinity of our front door this summer. But this time, I’m actually here when the baby birds hatched. Today I noticed that they sit all day with their beaks wide open waiting for their parents to bring food.

They just sit like this all day.

So now, on top of everything else, I have to worry that mommy bird won’t feed them in time and they’ll die.

I’m seriously worried about the birds, folks.

3 thoughts on “Birdies”

  1. “I’m seriously worried about the birds, folks.”

    Why? Unless your neighborhood has outdoor cats that can climb your front door or hungry indigenous snakes lurking in your bushes, the baby birds will do fine. Mama (and papa) birds do just fine at parenting.

    Just don’t get too close to the nest taking pictures, or one of the parents may swoop down and give you a peck on the head.


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