I’m really looking forward to Tucker coming back from his vacation on Monday.

“So Monday, eh? Time to go back, I guess,” a colleague said with a meaningful look.

I almost asked, “Oh, are you a fan, too?” before realizing she was referring to classes starting on Monday.

A Great Link

A long but a really great article by a former Oberlin professor who is trying to figure out what turned the school into such a cesspool.

It’s an absolute mystery why that Dean Raimondo is do unhinged. I can’t imagine any dean I’ve ever known to want to waste so much time on something this stupid. There’s got to be a reason that we don’t know about.

Deadline Coming

This whole summer I come home from a trip and start hustling to meet a deadline. Or two. Or three. Then I leave again, come back, and there’s another deadline. And so on.

Here is how I feel regarding the deadlines:

And not like in “hah! In going to crush that deadline!” but more like in “OMG, it’s coming, nooooo!”

Anyways, guess what? I have a deadline, so I’ve got to go.

Fired for Caring

A professor who cared too much got fired. He didn’t want the servers to crash while rich snowflakes had their freakout of the month, so he tried to save the servers. Students physically assaulted him. He got fired.

Moral of the story: the best professor is the one who doesn’t give a crap. If he’d said “ah, to hell with the servers” and stayed home with a beer and a Netflix subscription, he wouldn’t have been fired.