I’m really looking forward to Tucker coming back from his vacation on Monday.

“So Monday, eh? Time to go back, I guess,” a colleague said with a meaningful look.

I almost asked, “Oh, are you a fan, too?” before realizing she was referring to classes starting on Monday.

11 thoughts on “Fandom”

  1. Nah, Mark Steyn has been a better substitute host than the real Tucker. Fox should fire Carlson and keep him on instead. At least Steyn has a genuine bemused smirk at progressive stupidity, and doesn’t just make ridiculous faces. He’s also better at insults.

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  2. Steyn is another loud Tucker/Fox news guest like Sebastian Gorka and Dan the NRA guy. I detest them as much as I do Chris Matthews, the liberal loudmouth from MSNBC.


    1. Yeah, he’s useless at this. I can’t wait for him to go away. It’s all empty bluster and no content.

      What I like about Tucker is the texts he comes up with. The guests I could totally do without.


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