Doubling Down

Can you guess what people who major in Spanish most often choose as their second major?

Speech pathology.

I’m kind of offended on behalf of Spanish.

15 thoughts on “Doubling Down”

      1. Parece don’t talk to kids, so kids don’t learn to speak properly. It’s massively on the rise, a very in demand profession. A kid raised through a smartphone is 18 months behind in all language skills.


          1. I stuttered as a kid, but the Soviet speech therapist said it was because I was too smart and I should be dumbed down. I no longer stutter, so I’m the dumbed down version of what I was supposed to be.


    1. I am so bored with people who inform me that it is only “Castilian” if spoken with the ceceo. The language called Spanish is Castilian. In Mexico. In Cuba. In Argentina. Etc. Ignorant, prejudiced, supercilious, illiterate fucks.


        1. People whose Spanish is low intermediate and who wonder whether their use of vosotros and ceceo will make it impossible for Mexicans to understand them. “My teacher spoke ‘pure Castilian’ and that may make it impossible for a nonwhite person to understand me, oh dear oh dear.” UGH. SO STUPID.


  1. “people who major in Spanish most often choose as their second major?
    Speech pathology.”

    I was out of town when I saw this, but I immediately assumed it had to do with employment chances. Schools get a Spanish teacher for the non-hispanic students and someone to turn to with the hispanic migrant kids that will be flooding schools once the borders are open…

    I remember having to take a few classes with dedicated aspiring speech pathologists back as an undergrad…. not an inspiring experience (they were so earnest and hopeful that they were kind of…. insufferable in a way that made me feel guilty for not liking them).


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