Found this over at Mike’s blog:

Watching the returns come in from that Floridian hotel room, alone, with no bars open that I could get to, is one of the gloomiest memories I have.

And what I wouldn’t give now to have a hapless rascal like W back.

— Charity Majors (@mipsytipsy) August 16, 2019

I’m as frustrated with these idiot dumbasses as Mike. Iraq war vs nasty tweets? You gotta be kidding me.

Why is it so hard for so many people to dislike Trump in a way that doesn’t turn them into babbling fools? I recently saw somebody go on and on about how Trump is into violence while Obama was kind, gentle, and a saint. If the poster had stopped before making the ridiculous comparison and wording it this way, that would be one thing. But these people can never stop.

22 thoughts on “Frustrated”

  1. How the hell are you nostalgic for Shrub? Of course, I don’t agree that this dippy clown haired lady is a liberal so it makes some kind of sense she’s “nostalgic” for Shrub.
    She voted “straight Libertarian/Republican” (a phrase which confirms my theory that most libertarians are people embarassed by the “Republican ” label) until the Iraq invasion. Uh huh, you ridiculous GenXer/Millennial. Gore was definitely some flaming hippie social justice warrior.

    Maybe she’s nostalgic for being in her 20s which makes marginally more sense.

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    1. Right? Bush was a disaster by any measure. You don’t have to be a Trump fan to remember that. It was very recent. And very bad. The Iraq war alone, that shit is inexcusable. You can’t put a nice spin on that.


  2. This is what you get when words are considered “literal” violence: there’s no difference between a racist tweet and a horrible war. In fact, a racist tweet from the Donald might be worse than Bush’s Iraq War, because–some/many liberals might say–at least Bush insisted that 9/11 was a terrorist act, not a Muslim attack on our country, and he tried to speak out against Islamophobia.


    1. I actually heard somebody make this argument. People are so clueless. They live in a world that’s so sheltered from any reality that they lose all perspective on what really matters.


  3. Regarding Trump vs Bush, I think I’ve found the American president who committed the worst atrocity – Harry S Truman. It’s a long read, but worth it:

    Hiroshima: remembering ‘the White Man’s Bomb’
    The atomic bombing of Japan was the culmination of Western powers’ race war.

    I have previously believed the official version of the bombs being used to save lives, but not now.


    “Most leading members of the Manhattan project team were East European emigres, who had agreed to work on the Bomb only on the understanding that the Nazis were both the target and their competitors. Joseph Rotblat, the Polish scientist, told Makhijani that ‘there was never any idea [among the scientists] that [the Bomb] would be used against Japan. We never worried that the Japanese would have the Bomb. We always worried what Heisenberg and the other German scientists were doing. All of our concentration was on Germany.’ (1) All of the concentration of the political and military strategists, however, was on using the Bomb against the Japanese.”


    “Washington’s concern was to reach an accommodation with the anti-colonial movements which would leave intact as much of the past power relations as possible, and so preserve the authority of the West.

    The Allied powers understood that crushing the Japanese remained the precondition for reaching such an accommodation with the new Asian nationalism. Japan had acted as the catalyst for change in the colonial world, and its victories over the white powers had revolutionised race relations in Asia. That humiliation had to be avenged and that threat extinguished before the Western powers could re-establish their dominance.”

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    1. You’ll be shocked but American progressives are all huge fans of bombing Hiroshima. The more progressive they are, the more supportive they are of the atrocity.


      1. “Atrocity”?? Please.

        Dropping the atomic bombs ended the war at least a year earlier than original Allied predictions if the bombs weren’t used.

        Given that fact, it would have been a war crime NOT to drop the bombs!


        1. OH! Wrong link! That’s one of my Mexico City hotel links for people afraid of Mexico City to calm down. Now I’ve lost my precise link but it was from here — there is much other info. At present slightly half of Americans oppose those bombings; figure is lower among those 65 and older but opposition much higher among the young.


    2. “Most leading members of the Manhattan project team were East European emigres, who had agreed to work on the Bomb only on the understanding that the Nazis were both the target and their competitors.”

      John Von Neumann, the leading scientist who invented game theory and coined the term MAD, didn’t think like that.


      After the Axis had been destroyed, Von Neumann urged that the U.S. immediately build even more powerful atomic weapons and use them before the Soviets could develop nuclear weapons of their own. It was not an emotional crusade, Von Neumann, like others, had coldly reasoned that the world had grown too small to permit nations to conduct their affairs independently of one another. He held that world government was inevitable – and the sooner the better. But he also believed it could never be established while Soviet Communism dominated half of the globe. A famous Von Neumann observation at the time: “With the Russians it is not a question of whether but when.” A hard-boiled strategist, he was one of the few scientists to advocate preventive war, and in 1950 he was remarking, “If you say why not bomb them tomorrow, I say why not today? If you say today at 5 o’clock, I say why not 1 o’clock?”


    3. El – yes. The idea that the bomb “had” to be dropped for the sake of a net saving of lives is the cover story; actual motivation is more like what you are talking about. I’m not sure what “American progressives” are now so enthusiastic about it but supporting it has not been a common liberal Democratic or left view in my time … many more bought it at the time of the actual bombing, though


            1. Leftists? But in this blog it seems a leftist would include Truman who himself ordered the bombings. Aren’t you just talking about random people who have swallowed what they were taught in HS?


              1. It definitely might be because of a narrowly understood partisanship where people feel compelled to defend any action by a Democratic president because they want to defend “their side.” I don’t think this way, so it’s extremely weird to me. It was an immoral, horrific action no matter who did it.


              2. Most of the Democratic Party would not call itself leftist / doesn’t have a left analysis, and not all of it is even liberal. Truman is one of the more conservative Democratic presidents.


              3. I’m talking about people who call themselves leftists and socialists. I think some of them are reading this right now because I remember their comments years ago when we discussed this on this blog and they were all rah-rah, suck on it, Hiroshima.

                You folks know who you are.


  4. Bush and Obama killed a bunch of brown people living in countries that most Americans couldn’t find on a map.

    Trump’s tweets hurt real people’s feelings.


  5. Ironically, the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan probably PREVENTED the much-feared nuclear World War III that many people once thought would end the world.

    Both the U.S. and the Soviet Union created massive nuclear stockpiles during the Cold War, including relatively small “tactical nukes” that were meant to be limited to combat battlefields like mortar shells and other artillery.

    Absent the 1945 demonstration of just how devastating nuclear weapons were, either the U.S. or Russia might have been tempted to use a “limited” tactical field nuke in Korea or Europe, and events would have snowballed beyond control very quickly.

    So the atomic “atrocities” not only saved up to a million casualties by ending WWII — they may very well have saved the entire human race!


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