One Latin Americanist

Our university is killing one of the two Spanish-speaking Latin Americanist tenure lines in order to hire a Latin Americanist who will teach in English at the English department.

We will now have a single person teaching about Latin America in Spanish for a university of 14,000 and growing.

This was the personal decision of our Dean. Everybody (except the history department) at the college chairs meeting voted not to kill the existing tenure line.

15 thoughts on “One Latin Americanist”

  1. “The existing tenure line…” I’m a little confused. Is someone retiring and they’re not going to replace that person? Or is someone getting fired? Or what?


      1. All other departments that lost people to retirement got their replacements. We have no budget crisis at all. To the contrary, we are more flush than we have been at any time in the past 10 years.

        This is aimed very specifically at us. The English department got permission to hire a Border Studies person with a PhD in Spanish. The border of what??? We are in fucking Illinois! Why can’t the person with the PhD in Spanish teach in Spanish? This is insane!!!!

        Sorry, I’ve been bottling this up all day. I’m very angry!!!!! 😠😠😠


        1. Yeah, you’re right. This totally sucks.

          And now that another recession may be around the corner…I’m wondering what might happen with higher ed and hiring. At my SLAC, there was a complete hiring freeze in 2008-09 due to the recession, and not even replacement hires for retirees were approved (unless you could submit a convincing justification for the replacement, which then had to get special approval).


        1. Man. So true. The chair didn’t stand up for the tenure line. There were colleagues actively opposed to retaining the tenure line. I don’t see how this department is going to survive.

          I’m very upset over it.


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