R.I.P. Blogging

Melissa McEwan is quitting blogging and shutting down Shakesville. Blogging is officially dead.

15 thoughts on “R.I.P. Blogging”

  1. She’s quit Twitter too. Even McEwan realizes that living your life according to push notifications is bad for your health.


      1. What revenue? When I was reading the blog she was constantly whining about how much time and effort it took and kept asking for money. She just started a Patreon a month ago. Her high point of making money from blogging was… maybe the five seconds she was with the Edwards campaign.

        She has her husband; I guess that’s UBI.


        1. Does the husband work? I never heard of him working.

          By UBI I meant the disability payments for non-diagnosable pain complaints. It’s the US version of the UBI that keeps free-marketeers somewhat content with the pretense.


      2. “I think she’s quitting because blogging revenues have dropped off a cliff.”

        I think McEwan is quitting primarily for the reason she states: “I’m paying the price with both my psychological and physical health.” It’s been obvious for some time from her posts that maintaining the blog was wrecking her psychologically. She’s said several times that her husband has a full-time job and pays the bills for the household.

        I for one will miss her daily blogging! She was by far the most entertaining of the totally-insane-paranoid-and-raving-professional-gender-victim feminists who once had daily blogs. (Amanda Marcotte and Jill Filipovic were just as crazy in their worldviews, but rarely threw the hysterical, highly amusing hissy fits that McEwan was famous for.) And her bizarro conspiracy theories about just about everything were uniquely hers.

        So farewell, Melissa! You were always a good read.


        1. Imagine, though, of she has to keep in all that insanity, angry shit. No outlet, no way to unload. How is that good for her psychological health?

          I’m blogging for my psychological health because I need to unload. And she doesn’t have a job. Where will she unload all the crap we know is festering in her brain?


          1. Yeah, I also wonder what McEwan is going to do going forward to fill the massive VOID that she’ll be entering without working slavishly all day on what she frequently referred to as her “lifelong mission.”

            I don’t think she’s stable enough to secure a job as a periodic staff writer for left-wing websites and magazines the way Marcotte and Filipovic did. McEwan’s raging is just too scatter-gun explosive even for places like Salon and Slate.

            Perhaps news of her future endeavors will eventually turn up on the Internet. We’ll see.


  2. Oh that was a bone of contention for these anti-Shakesville sites that she begged for money while being comfortable. He is/was a VP at an investment firm and they linked to his LinkedIn (which I will not link).


      1. I don’t know of a single woman who is independently wealthy or pays her day bills from feminist/social justice/woke blogging and twitter. The subsequent handful of high profile articles that some of them have aren’t… much monetarily. I guess at one point she made decent money because he immigrated here through marriage.

        If she’s making money from writing it’s not in that space and/or not under that byline.


        1. The subject is unimportant. It’s all about how many people you can get to follow and how you manage that. It’s not going to make anybody rich but it used to be something you could do for profit. Not anymore, though.


  3. // But it’s his money, and she’s a feminist, so they are probably not sharing.


    Didn’t know being a feminist meant one can’t have a family budget . How may complete not sharing work if a couple with very different incomes live in the same house? Does her husband consume gourmet meals, while letting his wife feast on bread and water unless her blog readers let her add macaroni ? Personally, I would expect to share a similar standard of living with a husband, even if not exactly the same (not buying myself expensive “toys” on his money), while begging for money on Internet would produce shame.

    Was interested by the first comment to this post with a quote from Ivan Krastev’s ‘After Europe’:



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