Why Do You Put up with It?

From the NYTimes:

Discuss a recent instance of police brutality in your community. Read op-eds arguing for and against legal status for unauthorized immigrants. Compare and contrast border conditions in the Palestinian territories and Mexico. Those are some of the lesson plans suggested in a draft of California’s newly proposed ethnic studies curriculum for K-12 public schools. The documents have led to bitter debate in recent weeks over whether they veer into left-wing propaganda.

Yes, what a mystery. Is “critique empire and its relationship to white supremacy, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, anthropocentrism and other forms of power and oppression” left-wing propaganda? Hmmm, how can I possibly answer this. Let’s debate some more.

We all know how I feel about homeschooling, but seeing this, I can’t condemn anybody who’d choose that option. It’s easy not to care when you can pay for private but what if you can’t and still want to preserve some dignity?

Because let me tell you as somebody who was educated this way in the USSR. This kind of contemptuous brainwashing doesn’t make you stupid or convince you of anything. But it destroys your dignity. You just don’t feel about yourself the same way as you would without it.

This is even more humiliating and offensive in the US than it was in the USSR because you, folks, work like dogs compared to how we lived. You work and work and pay taxes, so for you to get shat on in this way is more painful.

Why you put up with this is a mystery.

10 thoughts on “Why Do You Put up with It?”

  1. We all know how I feel about homeschooling, but seeing this, I can’t condemn anybody who’d choose that option. It’s easy not to care when you can pay for private but what if you can’t and still want to preserve some dignity?

    Question: If for example, you or some other parent ran a Sunday school to teach your kids about some specifically Ukrainian* history would you consider that homeschooling? Because my mother spent a lot of time finding books to present history to me and a bunch of other kids when I came home from school one day and asked her if Indians ever did anything.

    I’m fairly certain the U.S. school system isn’t going to teach Klara about communism in any intelligible way. People are already fucking losing their minds and any sense of history of World War II; and what do you know people who lived through it are passing away.

    I don’t get the sense from the article that any of this proposed curricula is required in any way of public school students.


    1. What you describe is wonderful. More people should do it. I’m planning to teach Klara everything myself. I’m obviously better than any public school teacher, with all due respect. I always say that school is all about socialization. Trying to get knowledge out of it is useless. And that’s ok, that’s not what it’s for.


  2. This kind of propaganda actually turns off young people who otherwise might be sympathetic to some of these ideas and choose to support them. In other words, if the left wants to recruit young people, this is not the way to do it.

    Also, check out this recent tweet from Zaid Jilani, who has always seemed to me to be a sensible leftist instead of a rigid ideologue:
    “I have long been skeptical of the usefulness of the term white privilege, but then I read that white anti-racist activist Robin DiAngelo charges $12,000 for a 2-hour lecture telling other white people they are racist”
    Jilani also links to this story in the New Yorker: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2019/08/19/the-fight-to-redefine-racism


  3. This is about the ethnic studies curriculum again. It’s true that it’s the worst kind of propaganda, and I wish they would just call it what it is. Ethnic studies is not going away in CA, although I wish it would. But the point in that article is that the committee had to step back and return to the drawing board on a number of issues, because people pushed back. (The Jewish community, which you asserted in earlier comments was going to be majority in favor of the initial version of the curriculum, was instrumental in forcing the committee to backpedal.) So I kind of feel like people quite clearly AREN’T just putting up with it. That doesn’t mean that it will go away or that their new version is going to be an improvement over the original, I think it’s basically too late. But it is nevertheless the case that even in CALIFORNIA people don’t want to put up with this crap.

    Possibly telling us that we are all dipshits in CA is not going to be as interesting or constructive as a post that would engage with the people who actually want what you seem to want. As an ex-Soviet person, I imagine you might have an idea or two about how to productively counteract this kind of shit; why not share?


  4. This post brings the NYTimes article (after quoting from one additional article too) and it’s not paywalled:


    I also hate with a passion how Jews can’t be left in peace by those SJWs. Were I a Jewish-American, their anti-Israeli stand would push me to vote for Trump rather than for the new generation of SJW Democrats.

    And news from Israel:

    // In an extraordinary move, Netanyahu, with a push from Trump, barred entry for Democratic Reps. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota ahead of their planned visit. Tlaib was later granted a humanitarian exception to visit her grandmother in the West Bank, but ultimately decided against the trip .

    Trump complained Friday about Tlaib’s decision against taking the trip.

    “Rep. Tlaib wrote a letter to Israeli officials desperately wanting to visit her grandmother. Permission was quickly granted, whereupon Tlaib obnoxiously turned the approval down, a complete setup,” Trump tweeted. “The only real winner here is Tlaib’s grandmother. She doesn’t have to see her now!”

    The two Muslim lawmakers support a Palestinian-led boycott of Israel, and barring their entry was an escalation of Netanyahu’s attempts to quash the global boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.



  5. Even Israeli newws sites write about California’s ethnic studies curriculum (see how it describes capitalism too!):

    1st U.S. ethnic studies plan called anti-Semitic, faces update
    Jewish lawmakers say the proposed curriculum focuses on targeting Islamophobia but ignores anti-Semitism and has song lyrics supporting the idea of Jews controlling the media; while conservatives criticize the curriculum for describing capitalism as a ‘form of oppression’

    “Our concern is that the draft curriculum, as currently written, would literally institutionalize the teaching of anti-Semitic stereotypes in our public schools.”

    Jewish lawmakers said that’s a particular danger following a rise in hate crimes against California Jews last year and recent attacks on synagogues, including one in April. A 19-year-old gunman told investigators he was motivated by Jewish hatred when he killed a woman and wounded two other people, including a rabbi, at the Chabad of Poway synagogue near San Diego.



    1. The whole thing is beyond ridiculous. These losers can’t teach kids to read. They can’t teach the continents. They can’t teach when WWII happened. They can’t teach math. They can’t teach basic physics. They can’t teach anything. Students graduate high school without having read a single book ever. And it’s not some students. It’s almost all students. In California, an enormous number of students graduate practically illiterate because of the “bilingual education “. And instead of doing something about this ridiculous situation, they are legislating “a fight against bigotry.”. Bigotry is the last thing they should be worrying about. Public schools are such incredible shit because they teach less and less and indoctrinate more and more. Ethnic studies! For functionally illiterate kids. This boggles the mind. I see high school graduates every day and they are beyond ignorant. They are blank slates. It’s an atrocity what’s being done to young, developing brains who are denied access to all knowledge while they are stewed in this ridiculous ideological crap. And we are paying for this! God.


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